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What Grover Norquist and His Teabaggers Won’t Tell You

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 15, 2009

Even as the Grover Norquist Freak Show makes its not-so-big splash today, the fine folks at The UpTake have a video response:

>Now if only I could figure out how to make WordPress do embedded videos, we’d be getting somewhere.

5 Responses to “What Grover Norquist and His Teabaggers Won’t Tell You”

  1. Rook said

    Just out of curiosity, does your WordPress interface allow you to write your post without a rich text editor? I found that I needed to ditch the rich text editor (wysiwyg) and insert the code via HTML mode. Of course, I need to caution that I use Movable Type. Still, I think the concept is the same.

  2. Charles II said

    WordPress allows one to do either, Rook. There’s a “visual” mode, which is presumably a Rich Text Editor. Then there’s an HTML mode, which allows one to write using HTML or have HTML automatically inserted by highlighting and clicking. It’s a good system, with occasional clanks. One can copypaste from any other editor directly into either.

  3. Forest Street said

    Just copy the embed code from YouTube and paste between code and /code tags.

  4. Forest Street said

    Ah, no. doesn’t give you embedded code. Ooops. That’s completely different. Never mind.

  5. Mark Gisleson said

    Hit the insert video link (next to the insert picture link), click the “from URL” tab, follow the instructions. Took me a while to get used to it, and I always do a preview to make sure it loads OK.

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