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The Root Of The Problem

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 17, 2009

For those folk wondering just why they can’t pop on down to their favorite cheap Mexican tourist trap on Spring Break this year, Al Giordano provides a little of the history our mainstream press chooses to ignore or distort:

The 2006 electoral fraud through which Calderon and his allies accomplished a veritable coup d’etat in Mexico was not a matter of a few hundred votes (a la George Bush’s Florida 2000). At least 1.5 million votes were stolen from Calderon’s rival, Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the center left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) or literally stuffed illegally into ballot boxes in PAN strongholds of Northern Mexico where in many documented cases he received more votes than there are registered voters in those municipalities.

Even by robbing or fabricating 1.5 million votes, Calderon barely made it to Los Pinos. And the considerable resentment among millions of Mexicans toward a president they consider illegitimate continues to place severe limits on any possible achievements he seeks, much less a challenge as daunting as the so-called “war on drugs.”


If the US President or anyone is under the illusion that Calderon has the political support among the Mexican people to succeed in the failed war-on-drugs model when all leaders of all nations anywhere have not, he will end up feeling as defrauded as so many millions of Mexicans, as the death toll of that model continues rise, and with it a misery index unimaginable to most citizens of the United States.

The news tastemakers of the US press have, by and large, ignored Latin America’s leftward move — that is, when they haven’t demonized it.  There is a growing disconnect between what we see on our TV screens, hear on our radios and read in the papers and what is actually happening — and not just where Latin America’s concerned.   This is causing the extreme cognitive dissonance (not to mention incohererence) that we’re seeing in the conservative movement right now.

It’s also why trying to meet them halfway is increasingly futile, because they’ve got so crazy that even with the craziness at half strength, it’s still plenty crazy.

2 Responses to “The Root Of The Problem”

  1. Doran Williams said

    Even though your “incohererence” link had nothing to do with Mexico, I appreciated it. Kos thoroughly analyzed and described the problems with the teabaggers’s “protests” in such a way that even the teabaggers can get it and correct their behavior.

    Why? Why tell those dumbasses what they are doing wrong and how to correct it?

    Kos’ post reminds me of many of the old Aggie jokes (or Polish jokes, for those of you who don’t know about Texas A&M).

  2. Charles II said

    You might remind our readers, PW, that MR has been following this story– of the misguided nature of the drug war– for a long time (though not as long as Giordano).

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