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But But But There’s No Such Thing As Right-Wing Extremism!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 20, 2009

I find it amusing that the same right-wing newspaper that saw fit to publish Jonah (son of Lucianne) Goldberg’s attack on DHS for a Bush-ordered probe of domestic (and right-wing) terrorism, also published the story of a guy from Jacksonville, North Carolina caught at Logan International Airport with bombmaking materials:

A U.S. Marine was arrested yesterday morning at Logan International Airport for allegedly trying to slip a 9 mm gun, several hundred rounds of military ammunition and bomb-making materials onto a U.S. Airways flight, according to federal and state authorities.

Cpl. Justin W. Reed of Jacksonville, N.C., arrived on a flight from Las Vegas and was bound for Charlotte, N.C., on US Airways flight 877 yesterday morning, said Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Ann Davis.

Reed is currently being held at the Logan airport police barracks on $50,000 bail pending a court appearance on Tuesday. They wouldn’t be doing that if they thought this was just a simple “oopsie!” on his part.

UPDATE: John Cole shows Special Ed getting it wrong, as usual.

One Response to “But But But There’s No Such Thing As Right-Wing Extremism!”

  1. Charles II said

    To be fair, we don’t know the politics of the Corporal, at least from the links provided. But, yeah, I am not betting on him being a Weatherman.

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