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What CIA Rank-And-Filers Think Of Obama’s Releasing The Torture Memos

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 21, 2009

As Emptywheel points out, they certainly don’t seem as demoralized as the torture apologists of the mainstream GOP/Media Complex would have us believe.

In fact, as she goes on to point out by citing Scott Horton, there is ample evidence that CIA as well as FBI professionals (as opposed to the political appointees at the top) opposed the Bush Junta’s reliance on torture.

2 Responses to “What CIA Rank-And-Filers Think Of Obama’s Releasing The Torture Memos”

  1. jo6pac said

    I don’t know any one that works in these groups but I would think most didn’t like Cheney telling them what to say. I always like read the few CIA people the write on the net and what they have to say about it all. I only hope there is a few good people left and the fraggos types end up in Jail. When it comes down to it, isn’t treason when they step over the line?

  2. Charles II said

    There’s a divide in the CIA between the analysts and the operations people. The analysts tend to know what’s going on in the world. Some are even liberals. The operations people are very often thugs and murderers.

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