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Good News for Republicans

Posted by MEC on April 23, 2009


Since it’s always Backwards Day in the alternate universe where the Republicans live, they’ll surely take this new poll as proof that they’re doing exactly the right thing to restore themselves to their rightful role as America’s rulers.

For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public’s mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future.


Sixty-four percent of the public approves of Obama’s job performance, down just slightly from 67 percent in February.

That drop is within the poll’s margin of error, 3.1%.

It’s Backwards Day for the Associated Press, too, which just can’t let go of the storyline that Obama is a “polarizing figure”:

Obama has become a polarizing figure, with just 24 percent of Republicans approving of his performance — down from 33 percent in February.

I’d like to see this number in the context of the percentage of people who identify themselves as Republicans. As of about a month ago, that percentage was dropping, so the predictable disapproval of Republicans is less and less significant.

In spite of the AP’s insistence that the poll “could signal trouble for Obama”, the poll shows that Americans trust our President:

Twice as many say Obama is living up to his promises as those who say he’s not (30 percent to 15 percent).


Seven in 10 Americans say it is reasonable to expect it to take longer than a year to see the results of Obama’s economic policies. Just as many people say Obama understands the concerns of ordinary Americans and cares about “people like you.”


A majority of Americans believe the Obama administration is following higher ethical standards than the Bush administration.

Most also say he’s changing things about the right amount and at the right speed.

What does that mean for the Republicans?

Since Republicans are, after all, Americans, having a President who inspires confidence in the future is good news for them — whether they like it or not.

4 Responses to “Good News for Republicans”

  1. Charles II said

    Republicans are Americans?

    That sounds like one of those crazy rumors one hears on the Internetz.

  2. MEC said

    Being an American is just like having Constitutional rights; they don’t apply just to the people who deserve them.

  3. ole joe said

    Obama is in office because of Goldman Sachs, and all the coin they poured into his coffers on the red carpet he trotted on to the white house. The excessive trillion dollar budgets will cast this country into the deepest longest recession we’ve known since the 1930s, which could qualify this one as a genuine depression on he history books years from now.
    The people are interested in fixing the economy, heck they dont even pay personal income taxes to support the government they work in, they are there simply to ring the cash registers with stock market swindles and money supply inflation, honestly a former federal reserve governor for treasury secretary ? that would be like allowing pharmaceutical companies to control the FDA – whoops we’re already there, or that would be like allowing raytheon ,lockheed, and halliburton to control the military and direct wars, jeez I think we’ve crossed that bridge already maybe three times if you count iraq 1 & 2 and afghanistan.

    • Charles II said

      So… there’s no connection between Bush’s performance and Obama’s election, Joe?

      Just for your edification, Reagan and Bush I added $3T to the debt. Bush II added about $5T to the debt.

      What were you doing to stop the deficit spending then?

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