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Sorry, Climate Change Denialists

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 23, 2009

But even an unusually-quiet sun won’t be enough to stop human-induced global warming:

Prof [Mike] Lockwood [of Southampton University in the UK] was one of the first researchers to show that the Sun’s activity has been gradually decreasing since 1985, yet overall global temperatures have continued to rise.

“If you look carefully at the observations, it’s pretty clear that the underlying level of the Sun peaked at about 1985 and what we are seeing is a continuation of a downward trend (in solar activity) that’s been going on for a couple of decades.

“If the Sun’s dimming were to have a cooling effect, we’d have seen it by now.”

One problem is that we’re finding out that atmospheric pollution we weren’t even aware was a factor in global warming — namely, black carbon or “soot” — is turning out to be a very big factor indeed. People who deny the reality of human-caused climate change don’t realize (or won’t admit) just how much humans have done to the planet in what is a geological eyeblink of time. Plastics have only gone global in the last fifty years, yet enough plastic garbage has made its way into our oceans to create at least one dead zone that’s bigger than Texas.

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