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The Mindset Obama Faces

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 23, 2009

David Frum, on the possibility that Bush-era torturers might be held accountable: “Obama slides toward show trials“.

I heard Chris Cillizza on Hardball tonight say much the same thing.

Remember, impeachment over oral sex = OK. Prosecutions for torture and other war crimes = icky partisanship.

2 Responses to “The Mindset Obama Faces”

  1. Doran said

    Maybe Frum would be okay with Pres. Obama simply eschewing the “legalistic approach” to the torturers and their enablers — including Frum himself — much as Bush did with alleged terrorists, and simply pick them up off the streets, or out of their offices, or off of their ranches and mountain retreats, and slamming them into solitary confinement for a few years.

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