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Mexico, April 25th 2009

Posted by Charles II on April 25, 2009

Alfredo Corchado, Nieman:

Today those words [of confidence in the rule of law by former president Vicente Fox] are a hollow echo as drug violence explodes in Mexico. One the biggest victims: journalism, the cornerstone of any democracy. Since that celebratory night [in 2000], more than 30 journalists have either been killed or disappeared in this so-called decade of Mexican democracy.

The majority of those murdered have been victims either because of their involvement with criminals or because of their hard-hitting reporting on what some experts call the most powerful organized criminal organizations in the Western Hemisphere….

What’s happened to the Mexican press is not unlike the experiences of other countries, including Russia, where transition from either authoritarian, or semi-authoritarian rule leaves a power vacuum..

For decades, the Mexican press was largely controlled by the powerful Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, through intimidation or graft. …

Indeed, with Fox’s victory, the long existing peaceful accommodation between government and shady characters came to a halt. Shortly after Fox took office, drug traffickers filled the power vacuum. In some communities, with the old government middlemen gone, drug kingpins, touting the latest weapons from grenade launchers to 50-caliber machine guns, strategically took over entire cities: local governments, police departments and the media.

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Does anyone work at work anymore?

Posted by Charles II on April 25, 2009

You would have to be a really stupid boss to miss these tricks.

Firebox's panic switch

Apparently, many are.

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Ask The Bloggess

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 25, 2009

Go ahead, ask her anything. You’ll always get a memorable response. For example:

… The thing that makes me most qualified to have an advice column is the fact that someone gave me an advice column.  Also I’m better than Dr. Phil, who is apparently following me on twitter. I’m not sure if it’s the real Dr. Phil but the advice he was giving out was total crap so it’s probably him.  I spent an entire afternoon arguing with Dr. Phil about his completely unrealistic and unhelpful tweets and even though most of it only happened in my head it’s pretty clear who won.  A few examples of Dr. Phil’s advice vs. my advice:

Dr. Phil: Never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. You have the ability to make a difference.

Me: Never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. Things can get way shittier.

Dr. Phil: The world in which you live depends on the world you choose to see and the values you choose to express!

Me: The world in which you live depends on where you were born and if you have access to clean drinking water.  Otherwise you are in for a lot of diarrhea.

C’mon, she’s TBogg Approved!

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