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Contract on Evo?/update3

Posted by Charles II on April 27, 2009

Los Tiempos of Cochabamba reports that there has been a (fortunately failed) assassination attempt against Bolivian president Evo Morales and his vice president Alvaro Garcia. The government blamed a terrorist band of left-extremist Irish and Croatians. This is certainly possible. It would presumably mean an assassination-swap, in which extremists trade their services for a hit against their enemies.

Three people were killed, and two others arrested. The attackers had high caliber weapons, C-4 explosive, and at least one hand grenade. The attack occurred in Santa Cruz, a bastion of right-wing anti-governmentalists.

Meanwhile, according to Hoy Bolivia the right is claiming that this was actually an attempt to decapitate their leadership.

Also in Santa Cruz, the home of Cardinal Julio Terrazas was bombed, according to la Prensa.

Watch this space for developments.

Update: CNN has the story.

Update: Daniel McLaughlin, The Independent:

Police say the would-be assassins were captained by Eduardo Rozsa Flores, who led an extraordinary life that began and ended in Santa Cruz, a hotbed of Morales opposition. Mr Flores, who was born in the city in 1960 to Hungarian and Spanish parents, grew up in Hungary, where he was a communist youth leader and acted as a translator for Carlos the Jackal. After covering the start of the Yugoslav wars as a journalist, Mr Flores formed an international volunteers’ brigade fighting for Croatian independence. When the war ended in 1995, he turned to writing poetry and political essays, played himself in a film based on his life, swapped Catholicism for Islam and supported causes from Hungarian nationalism to autonomy for Santa Cruz.

In an interview, recorded to be broadcast in the event of his death, Mr Flores said unnamed figures had asked him to return to his homeland to organise the defence of Santa Cruz in the event of a violent government crackdown on the region. But he insisted he had no intention of attacking the Bolivian capital, La Paz, or of toppling the President. He planned to fly to Brazil last October, before being smuggled into Bolivia, where he would start forming his militia. How a 24-year-old from Tipperary joined that fledgling militia is still a mystery to his parents, who refute Bolivia’s depiction of their son as a deadly assassin. A former engineering student who had worked as a bouncer and security guard, Mr Dwyer described his existence as “travelin, workin, doin a bit a dis and a bit a dat”. On a social networking site, he listed his hobbies as martial arts and pistol shooting, and posted photographs of himself clad in camouflage.

Update, 4/27: Simon Romero of the The New York Times has weighed in. Except for throwing some fashionable sneers, I’m not sure what he has added to our understanding of the story. Someone who sounds like a credible source, Jim Schultz, is quoted as saying that there are elements of tragedy and farce… but Romero apparently forgot to ask him what he thinks happened. The NYT is very good at being snotty, but not very good at investigative journalism. Meanwhile, Bolivia did recently have an armed insurrection in Santa Cruz (and other provinces) which left a lot of indigenous people dead and, so far, not much justice.

3 Responses to “Contract on Evo?/update3”

  1. Doran Williams said

    Can you post more of this article? The transition from Flores to Dwyer was a bit confusing.

    • Charles II said

      I agree that the transition is awkward, Doran, but that’s in the original.

      Fair Use requires one post as little as possible. The link to the whole article is present.

  2. The NYT can’t ever admit that any remotely leftist government, especially one in Latin America, might have any legitimate grievances against the US.

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