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Good News From Ecuador

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 27, 2009

Rafael Correa has been re-elected, apparently quite handily:

President Rafael Correa, a leftist champion of the poor, declared re-election victory Sunday just moments after the polls closed — a win that breaks sharply with Ecuador’s history of political instability.

Three separate exit polls said Correa garnered well over half the vote in an eight-candidate field, making him the first president elected in Ecuador in 30 years without a runoff.

This news won’t get much play on our evening news, which is why I’m passing it along to you. Correa is yet another lefty who has shown that “protectionism” — or rather, not letting multinational corporations and banks ravage you under the pretense of helping you — is not a dirty word.

One Response to “Good News From Ecuador”

  1. omen said

    good for them. is it any wonder when american oil companies have wrecked their environment and polluted their waters.

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