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Breaking News

Posted by MEC on April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter has switched parties.

Let’s all send thank-you cards to Pat Toomey and Mitch McConnell. And especially to Karl Rove.

(Unfortunately, this probably means the RNC will continue funneling money to Norm Coleman for appeals to federal courts, the Supreme Court, and probably the International Court in The Hague to keep the Democrats from having a 60-vote caucus.)

Specter said in his announcement that he won’t change his latest position on the Employee Free Choice Act. I’m skeptical about that. If he’s going to run as a Democrat, he’ll need support from the unions, and that means voting in the unions’ interest. Maybe he thinks the Democratic Party will be so grateful that they’ll stop any primary challenge. If so, he’s got another think coming. The Democratic Party doesn’t control the progressive grassroots, and that’s exactly where a challenge would come from.

[Updates] In Daily Kos, wheelimus points out that we don’t need Specter to vote for EFCA. We just need him to vote for cloture, and I suspect it would be easy to persuade him to do that.

Also, I like David Waldman’s suggestion that the Democrats tell the Republicans they won’t renegotiate Specter’s committee seats until Norm Coleman concedes.

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Fun Things To Do With An iPod

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 28, 2009

From via Hack a Day: Learn how to turn your iPod into a GPS. (That is, if you’ve got a Nemerix GPS chip to stick on the iPod’s circuit board — though presumably other chips should work as well.)

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