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The Hunt for Gollum!

Posted by Charles II on April 29, 2009

Via Avedon Carol (who else?), The Hunt for Gollum!


The Hunt for Gollum (plus a 30 minute documentary about it) will be released (for free) on SundayFan flick goes bigtime May 3rd at 4pm, simultaneously with our premiere at SCI-FI-LONDON festival. It will be streaming in HD on


BONUS find from commenter Mike at The Sideshow, from Improbable Research, US Patent on Bra Convertible into Two Gas Masks.

And the money to pay for it:
 The new Mexican peso note

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Switching Parties

Posted by MEC on April 29, 2009


A Minnesotan friend just reminded me that the Republicans didn’t object to politicians switching parties when Norm Coleman did it.

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The Republicans’ Tent

Posted by MEC on April 29, 2009

Hard on the heels of Arlen Specter’s announcement that e’s giving the Senate Democrats a veto-proof caucus [in theory], the Republicans of Kent County, Michigan have abruptly withdrawn an invitation to Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., apparently because he doesn’t think gays should be second-class citizens.

The Republicans have a “big tent”, but Rush Limbaugh and James Dobson take up so much room nobody else can fit in.

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Special Prosecutor

Posted by MEC on April 29, 2009

Blind Justice

Jerrold Nadler and John Conyers have formally requested a special prosecutor “to investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute torture committed against detainees during the Bush administration.”

Their letter to Attorney General Holder is at the link.

(H/T Jason Leopold, via Compound F in Daily Kos)

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted by MEC on April 29, 2009

There is an Official White House Photostream in Flickr.

Last year, I discovered that Barack Obama’s campaign had an official Flickr photostream, and went looking for other candidates. I found a few, but Obama’s photostream was the only one that was constantly adding new photos. That was one of the reasons I supported him: it showed he truly understood how to communicate, and he was willing to devote the resources to go where the people are. Though it was a small thing in terms of resources and effort, it was significant.

Besides, it’s cool.

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The Results Are In

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 29, 2009

After weeks of pummelling and a well-orchestrated faux-grassroots conservative event heavily promoted by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire (especially FOX), guess what? Poll after poll shows President Obama’s approval ratings are sky-high.

Imagine that.

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