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A question to our readers

Posted by Charles II on May 4, 2009

Have you ever seen a punctuation mark of this kind– a period with a rising line to its right? Any idea what it means?


10 Responses to “A question to our readers”

  1. Glitch?

  2. It might be an exclamation point which fell over…

  3. Doran said

    Where, that is, in what, does this punctuation mark appear?

  4. Charles II said

    It’s in a Mexican document that I am translating, Doran. I’ve looked at Spanish-language punctuation lists and can’t find it there either. But I feel sure that I saw it somewhere else, many, many years ago.

  5. perris said

    if you can scan the document as text, (some scanners can do this) then copy and paste into google you might find what you’re looking for

  6. Charles II said

    Thanks, Perris. That’s a great idea. Unfortunately, my scanner doesn’t have that property (OCR).

  7. Mark Gisleson said

    Charles, take look at this page:

    Then pause and consider that that page is just one of the many linked pages offered here:

    There is a truly amazing number of typographical symbols out there, and given the difficulty of searching for a symbol, you can go nuts trying to identify them. I could replicate that mark with a double keystroke, but I’m sure if you dig long enough you’ll find the exact unicode symbol.

    But what it means? No clue.

  8. Charles II said

    I did, by the way, figure out how to make this symbol. A period, followed by an accent, set to subscript produces this: .´ Shrink the font, and it looks just like.

    • Mark Gisleson said

      That was my solution, but I was too flu and allergy ridden to write technical instructions.

      Please email me if you ever find out what it is. I suspect some sort of traditional “flowery” way of making a list, but I really have no clue as I’ve never seen that character before.

  9. Charles II said

    Mark, thanks! Great links!

    It looks like it falls in the class of combined diacritics. It’s possible this is from the International Phonetic Alphabet. There’s something in the Americanist version that resembles it. But it’s speculative.

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