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The new math

Posted by Charles II on May 6, 2009

An object lesson in the wisdom of Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata from Steve Wagstyl, FT:

The International Monetary Fund has corrected an embarrassing error that led to the publication of exaggerated estimates of the external debt levels of crisis-hit eastern European states.

…after the numbers for some countries were challenged by central bankers, analysts and journalists, the IMF revised the data and began publishing new figures for the external debt/reserves ratios of some eastern European countries.

The ratio for the Czech Republic was cut from 236 per cent to 89 per cent and Estonia’s was reduced to 132 per cent from 210 per cent. It is understood the figure for Ukraine is also being cut to 116 per cent from 208 per cent, that Lithuania’s ratio of 425 per cent may also be recalculated and that others may follow..

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Congrolences, Mayor Bing

Posted by MEC on May 6, 2009

Congratulations to Dave Bing, winner of Detroit’s special election to fill out the mayoral term after Kwame Kilpatrick resigned in disgrace. Mayor Bing, a businessman and former Detroit Piston, beat interim mayor and former City Council president Ken Cockrel.

Condolences to Mayor Bing for the enormous challenges he faces, not least of which is that the Detroit City Council consistently chooses their own prestige and authority precedence over the city’s needs. I hope his election is a message that Detroiters are finally fed up with “business as usual”.

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Wednesday Crabapple Blogging

Posted by MEC on May 6, 2009

Phoenix Woman asked, “And how are you this charming Sixth of May?”

To answer her question, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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Good Morning!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 6, 2009

And how are you this charming Sixth of May?

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