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Mexico, May 8th 2009

Posted by Charles II on May 7, 2009

Sendero del Peje is producing an extremely high quality alternative media site. Take a look and ask yourself why Democrats don’t have the equivalent.

Glenn Beck without makeup (image from SDP)

From SDP, swine flu is hitting Mexico economically very hard. International tourism is down 85%, and national tourism by nearly half relative to last year. Sixteen hotels in Quintana Roo have been closed. This despite the fact that mortality from swine flu (42 according to Reuters) has actually been much lower than mortality from the drug war.

The swine flu is rather obviously being used to shut down political dissent in Mexico. In Tabasco, authorities have opened a special proceeding to investigate a political meeting of Lopez Obrador, and have emphasized that they intend to fine his party, the PRD.

Carlos Ahumada has now openly confessed that there was a plot to block Lopez Obrador from the presidency.

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Calling All Bloggers

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 7, 2009

Or anyone looking for public-domain photos:

There are two new Flickr photostreams put out by the Federal government. So far they good pretty good:

Stanford Univ. B.B.[baseball] team in Tokyo (LOC)

The L of C one should be especially useful.

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The Salvation Of Newspapers…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 7, 2009

…may be to pick up all the naughty ads that Craigslist may be forced to drop.

I mean, Craigslist is what is killing them right now. Their only hope to get back some revenue is if they can recapture at least the naughty-ad market.

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