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Corporate Responsibility

Posted by MEC on May 13, 2009

Dell Inc. is committed to do the right thing with electronic waste.

The company has formally banned the export of broken computers, monitors and parts to developing countries. It has been Dell’s policy to prevent such export. The company says it audits every recycling company with which it has contracts, and tracks the electronics from collection to ultimate destination.

The exceptions to the export ban are materials that can be reused in new manufacturing, and defective parts sent back under warranty to the manufacturers in other countries.

Environmental groups hope that the formal announcement will encourage other computer vendors to do more to improve their handling of toxic and non-biodegradable waste.

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Setting Up A Shell Corporation: So Easy, Even An Intern Could Do It!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 13, 2009

As Public Citizen demonstrates:

You too can skip out on your taxes! It’s EASY!

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