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Part 12387498 Of “Have They No Shame?”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 27, 2009

How sick, amoral, and demented do you have to be to, like Newt Gingrich, send a Twitter message, from Auschwitz, calling respected jurist Sonia Sotomayor a racist?

I know that “racist” is the bogus and unfounded smear that King Rush Limbaugh has decreed you all must hurl at her today — calling her “stupid” was for yesterday, and for actual bigots like Pat Buchanan (funny how you guys don’t let him anywhere near Auschwitz) — but when does the evil stop, Republicans? When does the amorality stop for you guys? Is there nothing too sick for you all to do?

And the crowning sick laugh of the day: CNN’s Ed Hornick alleges that you all are “walking a fine line on Sotomayor”. So calling her a stupid racist is walking a fine line? Gee, what would he consider transgressive behavior from you all?

UPDATE: Oh, and even better: The quote of Sotomayor’s that Newt, Rush et al claim makes her a “racist”? It was butchered out of context by known right-wing operative Stuart Taylor. The circle is complete.

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Mexico, May 27th 2009

Posted by Charles II on May 27, 2009

Just a quick overview:

From Nancy Davies, a teacher’s strike is shaping up in Oaxaca.

From BBC

Mexican authorities have arrested 27 high-ranking officials suspected of collaborating with drug-trafficking gangs in the state of Michoacan.

They include 10 mayors, a judge and an aide to the governor of Michoacan.

While Michoacan has had some extreme drug violence, the BBC’s naming of it as the most violent is doubtful, given what goes on in Ciudad Juarez.

Michoacan is split between the right-wing PAN and the left-wing PRD (with the PRD being somewhat stronger), so a key question is how these arrests may affect the political balance of power. Since the governor is PRD, one would guess that the damage will be inflicted mostly on the PRD


Ernesto Elorriaga and Gustavo Castillo, La Jornada:

The arrested included at least two PAN officials and an advisor to the PRD Governor Leonel Godoy, Citlalli Fernández. According to differing versions, the PRIist mayor of Zitacuaro was arrested with an orgy of violence or in a dignified surrender.

Gustavo Castillo García, La Jornada:

The national Procurator says that this isn’t narcopolitics, just personal behavior

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