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Conservative Efforts To Lie About Sotomayor’s Record Undermined — By Another Conservative!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 29, 2009

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue, who is as conservative as they come, puts the lie to the GOP/Media-generated nonsense out there painting Sonia Sotomayor as a dirty dangerous female Commie Reconquista junkie:

“I like the fact that she is not brandishing her religion. I do not want Catholic judges to rule as Catholics but as judges. I am all for Catholic legislators having a Catholic-informed opinion, but a judge has a different charge. Unless something pops that we don’t know about, I am not going to oppose her. Indeed, the experiences I had working with the Puerto Rican community lead me to quietly root for her.”

Expect Donohue to do a 180 on this as he feels the weight of the conservative community breathing down his neck. Or they could just cut him a check to make him publicly change his mind.

7 Responses to “Conservative Efforts To Lie About Sotomayor’s Record Undermined — By Another Conservative!”

  1. Charles II said

    I think it might have to do with the fact that she accepts Roe as settled law but would be open to chipping away at the edges. That seems to be the “conservatives” goal: to have a fund-raising issue, but gradually undercut the freedom to choose until an opportune time.

  2. Michael said

    Can’t imagine Donahue minds there being a 6/9 supermajority of Catholic justices.

    • Charles II said

      Hey, Michael! Long time no see!

      Yes, this is an interesting point. Alito and Scalia should resign immediately.

      • Michael said

        Seems unlikely they’d do that. I’m not opposing Sotomayor’s nomination but I do hope we can get some more diversity on the court in the next pick.

  3. Stormcrow said

    I vote for a differential diagnosis.

    1. Donohue is choosing country over tribe.

    Yeah, I know, this is silly, but it’s also just barely possible. You can still see the odds with an ordinary light microscope.

    2. Donohue figures that the Radical Reich is severing its own collective jugular with a rusty can opener, and he doesn’t enjoy the prospect of joining them.

    In other words, he’s considering cutting his losses.

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