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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on May 29, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging - Lightfoot - 05-29-09

Friday Cat Blogging - Alex - 05-29-09

3 Responses to “Friday Cat Blogging”

  1. Lightfoot: If Newt Gingrich comes my way, there won’t be enough left of him to fill a thimble. But I’m afraid he’ll detect my intensity from a mile away. Soooo….

    Alex: I’m here to lull the amoral slob into a false sense of security. When he bends over to rub my tummy, that’s when Lightfoot makes her move!

  2. Charles II said

    Don’t worry about Newt, guyz. Jon Stewart sliced him, diced him, and served him as stew (though it took him until after the break).

    My captions are…

    Lady Lightfoot: Haven’t seen that fellow in the blue convertible around the neighborhood before. Wonder if he’s Amanda’s new spark? Seems chipper and he has a shiny coat, for a human.

    Alex: Aw, humans and their mushy stuff. Call me when it’s lunch.

  3. MEC said

    Lightfoot: “There are birds out there!”

    Alex: “So what? Birds don’t give tummy rubs.”

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