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See What Happens When You Try To Screw Your Own State?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 6, 2009

Two prominent Republican governors with presidential ambitions — Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin — thought they were being so cute when they tried to refuse President Obama’s stimulus money. Because, y’know, they’d rather see their states get flushed down the toilet than allow a Democrat to take credit for saving the economy.

Well, guess, what? Their own state legislatures have told them to go pound salt. Even better: Both the Alaskan and South Carolinian legislatures are controlled by Republicans.

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Brad DeLong And The Gold Standard

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 6, 2009

Brad DeLong was one of the economists who testified before Congress back in March. Brad’s job was to explain the New Deal — and why it couldn’t kick in until Roosevelt dumped the gold standard. Here’s the handy chart that says it better than I can:


Of course, one of the far right’s favorite rants of the past eight decades is all about How Going Off The Gold Standard Was The End Of America. They were wrong, as usual.

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US Small Wind Market Grew 78% In 2008

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 6, 2009

This is encouraging, as small wind systems that serve a farm, business, school or residence have the potential of easing the strain on the national power grid. Farms in particular are likely to go — or, as in the case of the Amish, stay — off the grid.

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