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“We Should Never Have Introduced Her To John Edwards.”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 15, 2009

So said Alaskan governor Sarah Palin So Conan O’Brien and other comedians joked about the reaction of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to the pregnancy of her daughter Bristol, who famously gave birth to a child out of wedlock a few months ago.

Yes, this is the same woman currently picking a fight with David Letterman. And the same woman who either ignored or made far worse comments than the one for which Letterman’s already apologized.*

*Speaking of apologies, I misread the Conan O’Brien joke as being something that Palin actually said, and I apologize for that. (Thanks to Discordian Stooge for catching that!) The main point still stands, which is how odd it is that Sarah Palin, after months of Bristol-related jokes from Conan O’Brien and SNL and Jay Leno and the like, only chose to exhibit outrage now, and only against David Letterman.

6 Responses to ““We Should Never Have Introduced Her To John Edwards.””

  1. Charles II said

    Basic Republican worldview: Everything bad is someone else’s fault.

    • MEC said

      Also, “If you’re one of us, everything you do is right, but if you’re not, everything you do is wrong.”

  2. MEC said

    Making a tasteless joke about a politician’s minor child is wrong, even if the politician dragged that child onto the public stage.

    Making a tasteless joke about your own child is a whole ‘nother category: just wrong, but appalling.

  3. That was a Conan O’Brien joke according to your link. Unless she said that somewhere else.

    • Charles II said

      It’s good someone actually reads the links, Ds. I feel foolish for having made the comment I did, even though it seems to be generally true.

      Shannyn’s point seems to be that Conan O’Brien made the joke, but Palin came on his show anyway. So the outrage against Letterman is manufactured.

      • Thanks, DiscoStoo! Will fix!

        But again, the larger point still stands: Why, after months of silence — or apparent approval — of all these other jokes, is she suddenly reaching for the smelling salts? Why didn’t she order Conan or Jay or anyone else besides Letterman to apologize?

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