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Jane Hamsher Has A Job For You

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 23, 2009

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you really should) is to whip the Democrats into shape on health care.

Read, then do. It’s the most fun you’ll have that doesn’t involve Crisco!

The beauty of it is that it gets the legislators publicly committed to a public stand — and that makes it harder for industry lobbyists, who depend on us not knowing how our congresscritters will vote:

Legislative vote counts are one of those things that the Web can transform. They’re typically closely held — counting is an insider’s art — and deliberate ambiguity is a key negotiating tactic. Legislators who would prefer to vote no, for instance, might be willing to be the last vote, for a price. So while this has the effect of pushing members toward Obama’s position, it also shines a spotlight on members who might prefer to stay uncommitted, or to wait for details and compromises.

You know what to do.

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