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Army Starting To Turn Against Coup?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 30, 2009

Wow. Al Giordano and his crew are doing signal work on this story. If this is true, this coup is falling apart faster than the one against Chavez in 2002:

Community Radio “Es Lo de Menos” was the first to report that the Fourth Infantry Battalion has rebelled from the military coup regime in Honduras. The radio station adds that “it seems” (“al parecer,” in the original Spanish) that the Tenth Infantry Battalion has also broken from the coup.

Rafael Alegria, leader of Via Campesina, the country’s largest social organization, one that has successfully blockaded the nation’s highways before to force government concessions, tells Alba TV:

“The popular resistance is rising up throughout the country. All the highways in the country are blockaded…. The Fourth Infantry Battallion… is no longer following the orders of Roberto Micheletti.”

Angel Alvarado of Honduras’ Popular Union Bloc tells Radio Mundial:

“Two infantry battalions of the Honduran Army have risen up against the illegitimate government of Roberto Micheletti in Honduras. They are the Fourth Infantry Battalion in the city of Tela and the Tenth Infantry Battalion in La Ceiba (the second largest city in Honduras), both located in the state of Atlántida.”

In the comments, Bill Conroy points out that the decision of the contingent of US forces currently stationed in Honduras to “hold fast” is very likely a good sign, as if Obama were on the side of the coup plotters he would have ordered these troops to fight alongside the troops commanded by the plotters.

Spare NarcoNews a few shekels, if you can. They’re doing what the TradMed won’t, and for far less money.

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