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Grand theft, nation. Honduras under criminal rule.

Posted by Charles II on July 4, 2009

Bringing democracy to Honduras. Snipers in the Tegucigalpa airport control tower.

TeleSur TV

Al Giordano reports:

General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, who appeared on stage this week with Honduran coup “president” Roberto Michiletti, and who ordered the kidnapping and forced deportation of P resident Manuel Zelaya last Sunday, was charged with grand auto theft in 1993, Narco News has learned.

and also:

There, he [Micheletti] announced that his coup “government” of Honduras is withdrawing from the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS). The Friday night press conference was meant to preempt this morning’s OAS meeting in Washington (at which various heads of state, including Presidents Cristina Kirchner of Argentina and Rafael Correa of Ecuador deemed important enough to attend) where the OAS will surely expel the Honduras coup regime for its flagrant violations of said Democratic Charter. Thus, the late Friday night press conference to say “You can’t fire us! We quit!”

The Honduras coup’s behavior virtually assures that come Monday, the US government will define it as a “military coup,” triggering a cut off of US aid, joining the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, PetroCaribe, the UN and the rest of the world in withdrawing economic support for the coup regime. (The US had already put all funds on “pause” this week, so the boycott has already begun and merely awaits formal moves to become permanent.)

This is very significant because of Honduras’ annual $3.5 billion budget, $2.3 billion – 65 percent – comes from those foreign sources.

TelesurTV says that the Pentagon was behind the coup. According to Aporrea, Eva Golinger says US interests financed the coup (Update: Here is a better link to a KPFK interview). She also says that the military base is a major consideration for the US.

Update: I forgot to mention that Honduras withdrew from the OAS. At DK, Betson08 contextualizes this.

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