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Honduras Entr’acte

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2009

A day of mourning, says Telesur. They are carrying a body, wrapped in a bloody sheet, around the streets, chanting “murderers!” Another body was wrapped in the bloodied Honduran flag, a very disturbing image. There are four dead? There are evidently no firm numbers of casualties.

Telesur is making an untranslatable joke: InjerenCIA… Injerencia is interference or meddling and the CIA, well, that’s what does it.

Laura Carlsen warns that the coup is gaining an important foothold as the tendency toward diplomatic inertia sets in. Zelaya said “If they decide to live with the coup, then democracy in the Americas is over…” If you care about what happens in Honduras, it’s time to contact the White House and the US Dept. of State.

One of the march leaders, a Sr. Andres Pavon of the Comite Defensa DD. HH. tells Telesur that there are 7 wounded from the airport. He thinks that because of the angle these were from the snipers at elevation (the control tower, maybe?), not from the soldiers on the field. The police are trying to blame “foreigners.” Micheletti is offering a bribe to the parents of the murdered child. Maria Villanueva Reyes is coordinating the coup responses to the demonstrations. He thinks there’s a Chilean also involved, possibly involved in the bombs placed at Channel 11 (which caused massive damage, if I recall) and at Channel 36.

Journalist Dick Emanuelsson says they tricked the foreign journalists into coming onto the runway where they couldn’t see properly.

According to a commenter at DK, Al Jazeera reported that the firing lasted 10 minutes. From what I saw on Telesur, that sounds like an overestimate… I would have said three minutes. But it was a very, very long time. Bzr has a summary that corrects some errors/amplifies points in my commentary: According to AFP, the crowd at the airport was 30,000. Now, it’s possible that more people were blocked from arriving at the airport. Telesur was certain that numbers were above 100,000 and they could have had a broader view of how many people were in the streets. The batallion at La Ceiba has not joined the coup. Bzr also says that the popularity polls show Zelaya as far more popular than the 30% that is claimed by the right and our right-wing media.

Pablo Ordaz of El Pais reports that there have been death squad shootings over several nights. The police bring in people who have been shot and dump them at the hospital. (via a commenter at DKos). People are blaming Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez for the bloodshed. A good statement translated into English from Monsignor Alfonso Santos of Santa Rosa de Copan, frow which excerpts:

As those who are responsible for guiding the Catholic Church in Western Honduras, we repudiate the substance, the form, and the style with which a new Head of the Executive Branch has been imposed on the People. If President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales had committed something illegal he has the right to a just trial just like every Honduran citizen and in general every human being. Article 84 of the current Constitution says in its text, “No one can be arrested unless by virtue of a written command of the Competent Authority.”

The coup d’etat of June 28 has these consequences: protests of the citizenry in the streets and highways, a climate of insecurity and fear in families because of the limitation of constitutional rights…

We wish to remind everyone, especially the Armed Forces and the National Police, of the fifth commandment which says” “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). This commandment forbids also beating, wounding, and all abuse of human beings who are created in the image and likeness of God and who are Temples of the Holy Spirit….

Jesus says in Mark 4:40, “Why do you have so much fear? How is it that you do not believe?” Inspired by these words of Jesus we invite all of you to trust in the merciful and saving presence of the Lord who accompanies us in our pilgrimage.

Let us intensify our prayer for Honduras.

Let us beg the Lord to grant that we may achieve Peace and prosperity and let us ask our patron, Saint Rose of Lima, to intercede for us.


On Telesur, the US State Dept. rep Ian Kelly is announcing through a translator speaking terribly-accented (Brazilian-accented?) Spanish that we are suspending aid. Not cutting off, though the effect might be the same. They are maintaining humanitarian aid, but military aid is flowing as we make the determination of whether there has been a coup.

Telesur says 800 protestors have been jailed.

2 Responses to “Honduras Entr’acte”

  1. What’s interesting is how even the pro-coup newspapers are treating the coup leaders. As Giordano reports:

    Meanwhile, the oligarch dailies in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, after today’s events, began to backpedal. For the first time since the coup, tonight, the pro-coup daily La Prensa referred to Micheletti not as “president,” but as “president designate.”
    And the daily El Tiempo, from the same pro-coup camp, described President Zelaya as “recognized still by the international community as the Constitutional President of Honduras.”
    These are subtle shifts from a simulating national media, but like the first cracks in a wall, they reveal a structural weakness in the strength of the information blockade. They’re blinking.

    Meanwhile, Zelaya is meeting with SoS Clinton tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

    • Charles II said

      Well, they better get a move on. Momentum could slip away.

      Granted, this is Latin America, which is less impatient than I am. But Laura Carlsen is concerned and she would know.

      I did call the White House and e-mail State to urge them to declare it’s a coup (which would cut off military aid).

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