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More US Aid To Honduras Cut

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 9, 2009

Per litho at Daily Kos:

The foreign aid cuts announced in yesterday’s communiqué are substantial and directly linked to the mediation efforts by Oscar Arias that begin today.  The cuts include $16.5 million in military assistance plus unspecified additional amounts in development aid, all of which has already been suspended.  The cuts announced yesterday include assistance in the areas of education, the environment, and family planning, and could amount to some $50 million.

In addition, the US is reviewing its commitments to Honduras under the Millennium Challenge Account, which currently add up to another $130 million.

Assistance in public health, specifically food assistance, HIV/AIDS support, and other infectious diseases, will continue.

The communiqué ends with a call for dialogue, a return to the constitutional order, and the desire that the talks in Costa Rica allow Hondurans to reach a national consensus.

The coup backers and their media allies have already backed away from their insistence that Zelaya never return to Honduras, much less to office. We’ll see what the latest news brings.
Charles adds: The latest news was that Zelaya said the coupistas were welshing on their deal. I meant to post it earlier and now I can’t find the link. He says that he is coming to “listen” to how “the de facto government is planning to exit in the most honorable way.” The negotiation is proceeding, but it sure didn’t sound like it was likely to go anywhere. Micheletti started out the negotiation by flying a route that avoided Nicaragua and by demanding that the negotiation take place in the airport, which Costa Rica denied. I also don’t like the locution “the de facto government” that the US has apparently insisted on. To me that raises the suspicion that the State Department may be preparing to recognize facts on the ground.

As I said before Micheletti grabbed power, paranoia is your friend in Latin America.


Phoenix replies: If “de facto government” is a bad choice of words, then Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! is making the same mistake. See how her program chose to translate President Zelaya’s replies to her questions during the course of an interview with him:

I think that both President Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton as well as U.S. Ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Lawrence, and all the other officials have been completely categorical and clear. While there have been other opinions voiced in the United States, they’re not been official government statements. They have condemned the coup, asked for my reinstatement and in addition are not recognizing the de facto government’s decisions.

Charles says: Yes, the US has apparently insisted on this locution (i.e., diplomatic-speak) and even Zelaya is playing along. It’s a very unnatural phrase in Spanish, especially coming from someone who has been removed by a coup. The natural phrase is “golpistas.” But apparently State thinks that if Zelaya says what would be normal, the coupistas will refuse to talk. This is surmise, but it’s about the only explanation that makes sense.

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