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A new entry in the hypocrisy Olympics!

Posted by Charles II on July 11, 2009

From Felix Salmon, via Calculated Risk.

Who will California pay in scrip?
* The aged, blind and disabled
* People in mental health treatment
* People with developmental disabilities
* The poor (people receiving TANF)
* Small business vendors

Who will California pay in real money?
* Legislators, appointees, and their employees (and the Governor?)
* Judges
* Retired public employees
* University of California
* Health care institutions

It’s a little more complicated than Salmon makes it out to be, but you can go to this page and parse it yourself.

Beam me up, Scotty.

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Life’s Little Ironies

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 11, 2009

Earlier this week, the following comment was received in response to a May post on Ron Paul’s connection to the whole “Austrian Economics” hoo-ha and the not-so-hidden racism behind it:

Sure, the banking system is fine and dandy haha. That must be why Bernie Sanders supports Ron Paul’s proposal to audit the FED.

Sure, and Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul are also both genetic male humans born in the US. Wow, that makes them ideological twinsies! (Well, it does, according to that logic.)

Meanwhile, Dave Weigel at TPM has a bit more on the big stinky elephant in the room that is Ron Paul’s racism. And in the comments section, we have this answer to those who defend Paul by bringing up his efforts to take down the Federal Reserve:

absolutely, The Fed is indeed an unaccountable and anti-democratic institution that plays a central role in financial capitalism, managing the currency and balancing concerns for stability, dollar hegemony and capital accumulation, with the later concern quite clearly dominant.

But you cannot hope to replace the Fed with something better unless you are ready to challenge the primacy of capital accumulation. What the right-wing “critique” of the Fed promises is a magical democratization of money without disturbing the oligarchy of capital. This is impossible, and the logic of this quest must therefore focus on finding the scapegoat that “prevents” prevents the impossible from happening.

Res ipsa loquitor.

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Who will win the hypocrisy decathlon?

Posted by Charles II on July 11, 2009

The ultimate hypocrisy: According to TeleSur, in 1985, Honduran faux head of state Micheletti attempted to amend the Constitution to allow the re-election of then president Suazo Cordoba. He was stopped from doing so, but with no other consequences.

I still think an American will take the gold, but Micheletti may well win a silver.

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