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Honduras Coup, Act II, Day 7/update3

Posted by Charles II on July 20, 2009

While the process is frozen with a 72-hour halt on dialogue, a lot of news is spilling forth.

Rights Action reports that pro-coup demonstrators are paid:

On a number of occasions, mine workers [from Goldcorp], ex-mine workers and other local young men, have travelled in buses from the Siria Valley to Tegucigalpa to participate in pro-coup marches organized by the pro-coup Movement for Peace and Democracy that is funded by the Honduran private sector (see more info, below) and possibly by the International Republican Institute, USAID and the NED (National Endowment for Democracy)…On the bus, the men and young men are paid 400 Lempiras cash. One young man told us that he, working as a campesino, could earn 100 lempiras ($5) on a typical day of work; thus, it was worth it and he was going to do it again;

RAJ at HondurasCoup2009 has two interesting pieces. The first is the emergence of a fissure in the coupistas. Ex-president Carlos Flores, who is viewed as the ideological force behind the coup, presented a separate counterproposal to the Arias plan. It’s basically a proposal for a cold peace, in which Zelaya returns and serves out his term without any real power, and the Armed Forces is ordered back to its barracks, but there’s no real accountability for the coup. Instead, it envisions a “Truth Commission” to write the official history of what happened. The second article is a suitably derisive explanation of what Micheletti is counterproposing to the Arias plan. As RAJ says, “The only news here is that they admit they made a mistake by denying President Zelaya his right to remain in Honduras. However, by describing him repeatedly as “citizen petitioner” they refuse to acknowledge he remains the consitutional president of the country.” This of course is precisely the debate that occurred on MercuryRising, with one of our commenters focusing on the admission by the coupistas that they made a “mistake” in kidnapping and expelling Zelaya, while the real issue is the illegality of the entire process used to remove Zelaya, probably from its very beginnings. When the latter is recognized, it becomes impossible to defend the coupistas as anything other than a dictatorship which must be put down.

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Targeting The Blue Dogs On Health Care

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2009

Slinkerwink over at Daily Kos has a new diary on how to target those Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

They’re the ones who are refusing to vote for the passage of health care reform out of Waxman’s committee. They are the ones blocking health care reform from happening in the House of Representatives.

Slink and Jane et al have thought about the best way to deal with these Blue Dog Democrats onthe Energy and Commerce Committee, since they tend to care more about local pressure than national pressure. Turns out that a letter to the editor in their local newspaper scares them a lot more than anything else does–because that local newspaper reaches hundred thousands of people in their district. And those readers are what a Blue Dog Democrat cares about because they represent votes to that Blue Dog.

Jane’s come up with letter-writing tools targeting the districts of these Blue Dogs. Each tool comes with talking points and advice tailored to that particular Blue Dog and that particular district. Here they are:

Write About What John Barrow Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Mike Ross Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Baron Hill Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Bart Gordon Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Jim Matheson Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Charlie Melancon Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Zachary Space Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

You know what to do. Go to it!

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Guess What? Real Health Care Reform Will Save Us Billions Right Away

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2009

Slinkerwink, Capitol Hill denizen and longtime Kossack, has been stopping by FDL lately with posts on health care reform. Her latest discusses the following:

Last night, Speaker Pelosi wrote a blog post on her website about the House health care bill from the Tri-Committee staff that showed it as being deficit neutral and that it would yield a $6 billion surplus. This is huge news because it cuts off arguments from so-called “fiscal conservatives” like moderate Democrats, Republicans, and Blue Dog Democrats that the current House health bill isn’t deficit-neutral.

It certainly does!

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