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Targeting The Blue Dogs On Health Care

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2009

Slinkerwink over at Daily Kos has a new diary on how to target those Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

They’re the ones who are refusing to vote for the passage of health care reform out of Waxman’s committee. They are the ones blocking health care reform from happening in the House of Representatives.

Slink and Jane et al have thought about the best way to deal with these Blue Dog Democrats onthe Energy and Commerce Committee, since they tend to care more about local pressure than national pressure. Turns out that a letter to the editor in their local newspaper scares them a lot more than anything else does–because that local newspaper reaches hundred thousands of people in their district. And those readers are what a Blue Dog Democrat cares about because they represent votes to that Blue Dog.

Jane’s come up with letter-writing tools targeting the districts of these Blue Dogs. Each tool comes with talking points and advice tailored to that particular Blue Dog and that particular district. Here they are:

Write About What John Barrow Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Mike Ross Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Baron Hill Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Bart Gordon Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Jim Matheson Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Charlie Melancon Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

Write About What Zachary Space Is Doing To Kill Health Reform

You know what to do. Go to it!

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9 Responses to “Targeting The Blue Dogs On Health Care”

  1. Charles II said

    While this is a good idea, I see two possible problems with implementation. First, this only works well if you live in or near the district. When letters come from outside the district, and especially outside the newspaper readership area, they can be seen as outsiders meddling. Second, if you send the same letter to two papers and it gets published in both, it could cause some irritation.

    These are not big concerns– the big concern is getting people involved and aware of what’s going on– but they deserve mention.

  2. Oh, yes. But newspapers are increasingly publishing letters from persons outside their traditional readership area, if the letters concern local events, situations, or people. My main concern is the idea of massive spamming, but then again conservative letter writers get away with spamming all the time. Who knows? Maybe the influx of letters might prod a local reporter into wondering “what’s going on here?” and doing a story about it.

  3. Shari said

    Are you kidding me? I’m writing letters of gratitude to these bluedogs. Why? Well, because I like my healthcare program that I have no doubt will be cancelled once a government alternative is available. Secondly, I grew up with a work ethic, not expecting a handout with the lame, nearly century old excuse of reparation needed. Third, I belive in our Constitution, not that of Russia or Germany’s. Last, come on don’t you think the mandatory discussions as to “options” between Hospice and our elderly borders on the downright CREEPY? Wake up you freaks.

    • Charles II said

      Shari, every other industrialized nation on earth has a national healthcare system. They work very nicely. The inclusion of a public option will have no effect on your health insurance.

      It’s wonderful that you have a work ethic. How will that work ethic keep your insurance company from cancelling your insurance if you develop cancer or some other “pre-existing condition?”

      Our Constitution is a wonderful document. It says nothing about health insurance, pro or con. It does however, speak about establishing justice and providing for the common welfare. How just is it that a child born into a poor family should go deaf because he gets an ear infection and can’t get treatment? How is our common welfare served by having 16,000 Americans die every year from a lack of insurance?

      I know quite a lot about hospice, but have no idea what you are talking about in that regard. Somehow, I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

  4. Shari said

    Oh, one more thing. Can any of you describe one successful government agency or program? The track record for this Congress and for these agencies is dismal at best and I don’t believe in awarding failures, or downright corruption, with more responsibility. Which leads to the question of whose pockets are getting lined as a result of this site?

    • Charles II said

      I can’t name one successful government agency/program– because I can name so many, many more. Here are a few:
      * Our military
      * NASA
      * NOAA (they’re the source of all weather information)
      * NIH (National Institutes of Health)
      * NSF (National Science Foundation)
      * Social Security
      * Medicare
      * CDC (they control epidemics)
      * FEMA (as long as Democrats are in charge)

      All of these programs/agencies are recognized as the best or in the top ranks in the world. This despite Republican efforts to starve them and prevent them from doing their best work, and the constant slander against their employees.

      It’s very amusing that you ask whose pockets get lined as a consequence of this site. It reflects an almost impossible-to-achieve level of blind partisan stupidity. The guy whose pockets get lined is ::whispers:: Matt

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