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Honduras Coup, Act II, Day 9/update2

Posted by Charles II on July 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the day when a general strike is supposed to begin, so today is relatively quiet. But news continues to emerge. The 25th protest is on, according to TeleSur, with the US embassy a place of interest. Tonight the three day cooling off period requested by the US for the Arias talks ends, and Zelaya is free to go (assuming no new commitments are made). TeleSur also reports that the standoff at the Venezuelan embassy continues, with the coupistas threatening to expel them, and promised to use all resources to maintain their presence.

El Libertador is reporting that in an interview with Pacifica Radio, Andres Pavon of the Honduran Committee for the Defense of Human Rights said that Zelaya was flown out through a US air base, Palmerola. If confirmed, this would be the first solid evidence of US involvement in the coup.

In the interview Pavon also confirmed what CubaDefense alleged: General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez is tied in with narcotrafficking, as well as close to the CIA and DEA [shades of Manuel Noriega]. He also says that because there’s a joint command of the air force with the US, it’s likely that preventing Zelaya from landing in Tegucigalpas was done in consultation with the US.

El Libertador also has a timeline of the presidency, 2006-8. One can see that Zelaya annoyed the oligarchy: subsidies for heating oil, minimum wage, daily fireside chats….

The Real News Network has a film on the public relations battle in Washington (via School of the Americas Watch)

Arias has proposed another plan, which is basically the first plan without its specificity: a “unity government” and amnesty.

Immortalized in fiberglass!  (Image from Tiempo)

Update2: OK, a report on a piece of total lunacy worthy of Dan Burton from the newspaper Tiempo. It seems that a self-taught sculptor made a fiberglass statue of Zelaya, along with statues of other presidents and figures from independence. Zelaya gave him a little financial support, since the artist was extremely poor and had sick family members. So, what did the coupistas do? They hauled the statue of Zelaya into Parliament and proclaimed that Zelaya had planned to have these placed all over the country to immortalize himself.

As the sculptor said, “Should I laugh or cry?”

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Things I Will Never Understand

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 22, 2009

Things I Will Never Understand: Why some people still think that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been all that much different from a Barack Obama one. (Well, aside from perhaps President HRC’s possibly openly backing Lanny Davis’ efforts on behalf of the Honduran golpistas, as opposed to President BHO’s condemning the golpistas and cutting off aid to them.)

Case in point: Health care reform. Obama is about to do what the Clintons couldn’t pull off fifteen years ago, and yet there are some out there who think that we’d already have gone much, much farther if only she were in charge. Oh, really? If she and Bill still have pull, why aren’t they using it to rein in Mike Ross? Or are they afraid he’d blow them off?

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