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Things I Will Never Understand

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 22, 2009

Things I Will Never Understand: Why some people still think that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been all that much different from a Barack Obama one. (Well, aside from perhaps President HRC’s possibly openly backing Lanny Davis’ efforts on behalf of the Honduran golpistas, as opposed to President BHO’s condemning the golpistas and cutting off aid to them.)

Case in point: Health care reform. Obama is about to do what the Clintons couldn’t pull off fifteen years ago, and yet there are some out there who think that we’d already have gone much, much farther if only she were in charge. Oh, really? If she and Bill still have pull, why aren’t they using it to rein in Mike Ross? Or are they afraid he’d blow them off?

6 Responses to “Things I Will Never Understand”

  1. Hillary Clinton would not be able to win the trust of the public as well as Barack Obama. Therefore she could accomplish much less. That is all.

  2. Okay, not all. One more comment.

    If she’d won the primary, I don’t think she’d have won the general. That’s how badly I think her trust issues go.

  3. Mark Gisleson said

    PW, look at how insane the right is being in trying to trash Obama. No birther movement would have been needed for HRC, and we’d still be mired in this mess but with even more bitter polarization.

    Obama has marginalized the right. Clinton would have energized them.

    No, that’s not the way we should look at things, but if HRC had the solution to that she should have used it in ’94 to get healthcare through then.

    • Charles II said

      To be fair, Mark, the Clintons were new to the national stage and were facing one of the most difficult issues that is on it. George Mitchell, then Senate Majority Leader, said in 1993 that he thought chances of passage of reform were pretty good– about 50:50. This struggle has been going on for 60 years. We’ve won Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and S-Chip, thereby covering the old, the very poor, the disabled, and children (with varying degrees of effectiveness). A year from now, we could very easily still have no reform, and be on the verge of another wipeout ala 1994.

    • Charles II said

      I understand, PW.

      FWIW, I don’t think the Clintons have much power in Arkansas anymore. Not only did Arkansas go Republican, but the Clintons went East. They are officially furriners.

      And I question whether the House really matters. It’s the Senate, where the votes of the likes of Mark Pryor, Max Baucus, Blanche L-Lincoln, and Ben Nelson are important. I’m on board the initiative to run ads against Baucus.

      In any case, it’s the calls and FAXes of people in-district that matter.

      But, yeah, people should shut up about Hillary’s magical health care powers. She failed once, when she had a decent chance. That’s not a recommendation.

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