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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 1/Update 2

Posted by Charles II on July 23, 2009

Hoy es huevos

Act I was tragedy, as the wicked chancellor expels the rightful president. Act II was dithering, as the Imperial State Department waffled and bungled its way into demanding sham negotiations, which produced nothing. Now in Act III, in an act of extravagant and quixotic hope, the forces of law ride back to the kingdom to overcome the wicked chancellor. Let’s hope that this ends in laughter rather than tears.

Take it away, Al:

Honduras’ legitimate President Manuel Zelaya yesterday told reporters that he will cross back to the country that elected him on Friday, July 24, via land, a date that also marks 215 years from the birth of the Great Liberator, Simon Bolívar:

“I leave (Managua, Nicaragua) for Estelí, then Somoto and through Ocotal, and the next day (Friday) cross the border,” Zelaya told reporters yesterday. Members of his family and many, many journalists will accompany him on that voyage.

The announcement could be a “head fake” to throw the regime off his path and allow him to more easily enter by another route, but if President Zelaya does choose that location to cross, the Las Manos border crossing, in the Honduran state of El Paraiso, is open from six a.m. to six p.m. and, on a normal day, staffed by the National Police and the Honduras Immigration Service. The border crossing is about 144 kilometers (89 miles) from the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

RAJ at HondurasCoup2009 points out that our media are out and out lying about the response of the Zelaya team to the latest Arias plan. The Zelaya spokesperson Rixi Moncada said that their side “supports” the plan. So, what does the LA Times says? Why, that he “rejects” the plan. However, credit Ginger Thompson of the NYT with getting it right…. even though she recycled the coupistas claims about the origins of the coup without pointing out that they are lies.

School of the Americas Watch has an interesting piece by Nicholas Kozloff on the role of Palmerola (Soto Cano) airbase, known as the US’s “unsinkable aircraft carrier” in the buildup to the coup. Toncotin airport, outside Tegucigalpa, is dangerous. So Zelaya negotiated a deal with the Bush Administration to convert the military base, Palmerola, into a civilian airport, while giving the US a spot in Mosquitia (sidebar: which is apparently the world’s homeland for mosquitoes–Minnesota is their unsinkable aircraft carrier). Then the US welshed on the deal and the coup was on.

TeleSur is doing a great piece on how Zelaya intervened to get land titles for small farmers. They show a lot of human interest pieces… just watching street vendors in Bolivia grilling a local specialty (I think she said the main ingredient was ox heart; whatever, the music was really cool)

Update. Indymedia is reporting on the general strike. Not much specific, but they say that the students are mobilized.

Update2: Zelaya is overnighting in Esteli, Nicaragua. The coupistas have imposed a curfew in the border provinces. A group of human rights activists have denounced “serious violations” of human rights. These include four people, in addition to Isis Obed Murillo, who were murdered for political reasons. One was an unidentified person, and the others were journalist Gabriel Fino Noriega, leftist Ramón García and labor leader Roger Iván Bados. There was also a hate crime (murder) against a member of the LGBT community.

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Mistah Kurtz, He Sucks

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2009

The husband of Republican media strategist Sheri Annis is at it again with the framing. Get a load of the opening sentence from his latest spewage in the Washington Post: “President Obama declined last night to ask the American people to make much sacrifice to reform health care.”

Um, hello?!? The vast majority of the American people have already frickin’ sacrificed more than their frickin’ due here — that’s why medical costs are the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in America. This is precisely why we need health care reform — because they’ve already sacrificed far, far more than enough.

Meanwhile, as Robert Reich noted recently, the rich folks that Obama wants to shoulder some of the health care reform costs — you know, guys like Kurtz? — have raked in more than their fair share of America’s bounty over the past three decades.

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Quelle Surprise: GOP/Media Complex Slants Health-Care Coverage Against Obama

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 23, 2009

As if this surprised anyone who’s been paying attention over the past few years.

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