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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 5/Updated

Posted by Charles II on July 27, 2009

DemocracyNow did an interview of Xiomara Castro de Zelaya. It wasn’t great, since the First Lady speaks in paragraphs and chapters, and Amy kept interrupting her, but she conveyed some important things. Tomorrow Mel Zelaya will be on. From Xiomara:
* confirmation of 24 curfew, which she calls a “state of siege”
* word that the coup attempted to use her son, Hector, as a “pressure point” to blackmail the Zelayas.
* she was unaware that the US is still providing some aid to the coup, and says “that means that they’re still supporting this de facto regime”

                      THE BIG INTERVIEW IS HERE (click below)
Xiomara Castro de Zelaya v. Romeo Vasquez Velasquez

                 Listen to the astonishing interview here

I’m reading too fast. In the New York Times article linked below, commenter El Cid points out that it says:

The communiqué [by the Honduran Armed Forces] was drafted in Washington after days of talks between mid-level Honduran officers and American Congressional aides. Posted on the Honduran Armed Forces Web site, it endorsed the so-called San José Accord that was forged in Costa Rica by delegates representing President Zelaya and the man who heads the de facto Honduran government, Roberto Micheletti.

So, there you have it. Our State Department has been outsourced to the Congress, probably to interests that benefit from Honduran.

RAJ adds to that comment, providing a translation of the “San Jose Accord” and a comparison to the original Arias proposal and telling us that:

My Central American colleagues with whom I discussed Arias’ original plan last week described even the original as not really a product of mediation, noting rumors that a US senator had brought Arias a draft. They already felt that this version, which was not fully public at the time, went too far in presuming the offenses Zelaya was accused of were real, and requiring him to renounce them, while demoting from its more prominent place the insistence that Zelaya is the constitutional president and his restoration is non-negotiable.

Academics and NGO members have condemned the behavior of the State Department, calling it “unacceptable” and potentially “a blank check to the Honduran military and others to use violence against peaceful protestors” The State Department has ignored the warnings by human rights investigators that serious abuses have been committed by the coupistas. Furthermore, “By echoing the statements of the coup leaders, Clinton has also put the United States further outside the international community.”

Adrienne Pine points to Radio Liberada as a news source. The signal I am getting sounds pretty ragged, so that I can only pick out a few words.

Tiempo confirmed the report of an explosion at the Beverage Workers (STIBYS) Union. They report that there were thousands of mourners at the funeral of the young man who was murdered and show the picture of a car burning, which is that of the policemen who were grabbed. The policemen would have been lynched but for the intervention of union leaders.

Machetera has a nice debunking of a piece of US “white propaganda” concocted for the uncritical imbibement of the American people. Our press dispenses this sort of mental and spiritual poison all the time, and become completely amoral and ignorant as a result.

Spain’s chancellor, Miguel Ángel Moratinos said that the coup must be reversed.

Update:  The anthropology and historians union is complaining that the coupistas are censoring books for their political content. Mirna Castro, the faux Minister of Culture, Art, and Sports  has declared that certain books are communistic, funded by ALBA, and incite socialism or communism.  Books like Doris Stone’s Stamps of Honduras. and Panorama of Honduran Poetry by Oscar Castaneda Batres because of course poets are all commies. Or whatever.

Mario Sosa of Hondurasenlucha, summarizing reports from Radio Es de los Menos, says that the home of retired military man Amilcar Zelaya is being used for the training of assassins. His home has also been used for kidnappings, torture, and elimination of political leaders. Luis Hernandez Navarro tells the story of the incarceration of Rafael Alegria, one of those political leaders that the regime would like to eliminate.

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