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Say Hello To Big Bucks Baucus

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 28, 2009

If any of you feel like visiting Big Bucks Baucus, the Enemy of Health Care Reform, and saying hello, he’ll be at a Jon Tester fundraiser early next month:

U.S. Senator Max Baucus & U.S. Senator Jon Tester

Invite you to join them for the
2009 Sieben Ranch Barbecue & Hoedown

North of Helena, Montana
A benefit for Senator Jon Tester

Saturday…August 8, 2009…5:30PM

Delicious Barbecue…Montana Brews & Wine

Live Country Music by Shodown

TICKETS COST – $50 per person, CHILDREN under 12 are free

Sign on as a 2009 Sieben Ranch Party Sponsor & receive tickets to attend the Sponsors’ Reception

Held at 4:30PM on August 8th in Helena, MT

Platinum Level Sponsorship –$1000 contribution
Receive 5 Sponsors’ Reception tickets & receive 10 tickets to the Hoedown

Gold Level Sponsorship — $500 contribution
Receive 2 Sponsors’ Reception tickets & receive 5 tickets to the Hoedown

Reserve your tickets today!

Anyone interested in asking Max Baucus why he opposes the public option? You know what to do.

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 6/Updated with good news

Posted by Charles II on July 28, 2009

Update: The State Department has pulled the coupistas visas! It’s not clear how many got pulled, but just doing so sends the message that this might not quite be in the bag. Added: It’s four visas and they’re reviewing others. Ian Kelly, who has always been far out in front of the rest of State in expressing support for Zelaya emphasized that State was expressing support for Oscar Arias. One of the journalists pointed out that Arias was not the one who had been ousted. Anyway, it’s one footdrag forward toward doing the right thing.

Two more names on the visas suspended (in addition to Micheletti): Tomás Arita Valle, The Supreme Court Justice who advanced the arrest and deposition order of Zelaya and José Alfredo Saavedra, president of the Congress.

Mrs Zelaya says that the Army is trying to deport her.

WOW! Via Al Giordano, Nike, The Gap, Adidas and Knights Apparel actually do the right thing!

While we do not and will not support or endorse the position of any party in this internal dispute, we feel it is necessary in this case to join with the President of the United States, the governments of countries throughout the Americas, the Organization of American States, the UN General Assembly and the European Union in calling for the restoration of democracy in Honduras.

We are also very concerned about the continuation of violence if this dispute is not resolved immediately, and with restrictions on civil liberties under the July 1 Emergency Decree. We urge for an immediate resolution to the crisis and that civil liberties, including freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association be fully respected.

Also, in comments, PatucaWarrior says that Xiomara has been let through the military checkpoints! Added: Confirmed via Nell at ALovelyPromise by Tiempo!


Manuel Zelaya did not speak on DemocracyNow. Rather, they had a show about how out of control our own military is, spying on Americans.

The police allege that Zelaya is supplying thousands of dollars to support the resistance. They claim this based on amounts written in the black book of Carlos Eduardo Reina which they found in his car. Reina supposedly confirmed that his book had been stolen. Recipients included labor leaders, deputies, a mayor, and a former vice minister.

Telesur reports the UN sent a delegation to the Nicaragua-Honduras border. They report a shortage of water. After long delays imposed by the military, the Red Cross brought supplies into El Paraiso.

RAJ analyzes the stalling by the Honduran Congress with regard to the “San Jose Accord,” and finds some cracks in the coup. I think he’s confusing a newspaper’s need to find something interesting in a completely dead story with evidence of actual diversity of opinion. More interesting is the report immediately below.

According to Aporrea, an anonymous official told Radio Globo that many military and officials oppose the coup, have protested internally, and have been punished. Romeo Vasquez denied that the person was an official.

Machetera has a translation of a piece by Dick Emanuelsson on the re-emergence of death squads. It provides depth and background to earlier reports (e.g., police agents seized, e.g., bomb at union building) and adds this, which I didn’t mention earlier because it hadn’t been clear whether this was soccer hooligans. Turns out it’s police hooligans:

Tonight a football game was played between Olimpia and Motagua, two Honduran soccer rivals. When the fans left the national stadium named after Tiburcio Carias Andino (the president who turned Honduras into a banana republic), the shooting began, according to Radio Globo. Two people were killed and at least 20 wounded. Spokespersons for the fans say that they remained calm and rejected the official versions that said that they were the ones who started the shooting.

A 7/12 interview with Bertha Caceres (in English) on HondurasResists is well worth reading.

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