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Glenn Greenwald Dissects GOPolitico

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 30, 2009

Go read the whole thing. It’s lovely.

Oh, okay, here’s a snippet therefrom:

On Monday, I espoused my theory on Twitter about the birth of Politico, which led The Columbia Journalism Review to compare that thesis to the much different Politico-birth mythology created by its Editor-in-Chief, John Harris. Some mischevous Politico editors seem to have wanted to take my side in that dispute, as they today provide a perfect illustration of what I meant. Just compare this:

CQ Politics, July 27, 2009:

As they gear up for the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats appear secure in their House majority they won with a big gain in 2006 and reinforced with another advance in 2008. . . .

CQ Politics’ election analysts found 100 congressional districts with races where either major party stands a chance of winning the seat. That includes three true tossup seats, many districts that are only slightly competitive and some highly competitive. . . .

The only three contests in which CQ Politics rates an advantage to the challenging party are all for seats now held by the Republicans and targeted by the Democrats:

Politico’s screaming headline today: “Backlash: Dem Dangers Mount

So why is Politico so bizarre? Greenwald explains:

There are many motives for publishing “GOP-on-the-rise” stories.  It’s virtually certain to generate a Drudge link, Politico‘s holy grail.  It ensures appearances on GOP-friendly cable news and radio talk shows.  It solidifies relationships with dirt-peddling right-wing operatives who drive mindless scandals and distractions in a Democratic administration.  And it earns a gold star and pat on the head from right-wing polemicists in the never-ending quest of establishment journalists to prove they are not part of The Liberal Media, the goal which Mark Halperin openly embraced on his knees while pleading with Hugh Hewitt, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to stop thinking that he is One of Them, when he was hawking the book he co-wrote with Politico‘s Harris.

But as commonly as this GOP-loving storyline is spewed by establishment media figures even when all evidence negates it, Politico stands heads and shoulders below the rest.  It’s hardly hyperbole to say that infecting our discourse with this GOP-resurgent claim is one its principal strategies, if not purposes.  Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, they ran multiple stories “reporting” that Democrats were in serious trouble (“GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout'”) — particularly due to national security issues, especially Iraq, which would single-handedly win the election for John McCain even as polls reflected record levels of hatred for that war.  And today’s GOP-caressing inanity was preceded just days ago by Politico‘s cover story announcement that “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most despised political figures in the country,” featuring quotes along those lines from the highly representative Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh.  All of that is consistent with Politico‘s control by a long-time, hardened GOP operative.

That says it all better than I can.

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