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Not About Racism At All, Nope

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 30, 2009

Even as the news media rushes to defend the Boston-area cop who illegally arrested Professor Henry Louis Gates from charges that his actions were in part racially motivated, and to attack anyone (such as President Obama) who dares criticize the arrest, this little fact is uncovered:

An officer in the Boston Police Department has been suspended after allegedly writing a racially charged e-mail about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. to colleagues at the National Guard, a law enforcement official said.

The law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Officer Justin Barrett referred to the black scholar as a “jungle monkey’’ in the letter, written in reaction to news coverage of Gates’s arrest July 16. Barrett was suspended Tuesday, pending a termination hearing.

I can’t wait to see the groundswell of support for this guy from fellow racists claiming that neither he nor they are racist. Paging Lou Dobbs! Paging Glenn Beck!

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