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Cross Your Fingers

Posted by MEC on July 31, 2009

The sausage-making has been even more unappetizing than usual, but the latest report is that the House’s health-care bill retains a “strong public insurance option”.

Liberals, moderates, and conservatives negotiated late into the night Thursday to reach a deal that would restore some subsidies to help low-to-middle income people pay their health insurance premiums, would preserve a strong public insurance option, and would cut drug costs more deeply.


The last-minute agreement mollified liberals who were outraged by a deal Waxman struck earlier in the week with conservatives known as the Blue Dog Democrats. Friday, lawmakers from both camps joined him to say they were now in accord.

I admit to feeling smug that it was the liberals being mollified for a change, and not the people who are trying to prevent any serious reform.

5 Responses to “Cross Your Fingers”

  1. Meanwhile, it sounds like Harry Reid is pulling the plug on the Baucus-Conrad “co-ops” nonsense and daring the Republicans to filibuster a bill with a public option:

  2. MEC said

    OMG, Harry Reid grew a spine? Dare we believe it?

    • Charles II said

      Believe it when you can feel it.

      Reid has made signs of being a Democrat before, only to run off in terror when confronted. But they still have to negotiate with the House, which is not going to be in the mood for caving. They have to face the constituents in a little over a year, and we have been reminding them of 1994.

      • Ah, but the Progressive Caucus has been fighting back in the House. Also, the Snowe Screwjob has made it crystal-clear that Republicans won’t vote for even the sham reform of the Baucus-Conrad bill. The Senate GOP may have rubbed the Dems’ noses in it once too often.

      • Charles II said

        I so very much hope you’re right that the Dems have learned some lessons.

        But if I wanted to make some quick money, I’d bet against you.

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