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The Dale Carnegie School of International Affairs, Iran Edition

Posted by Charles II on August 2, 2009

A fascinating unbylined story in the London Independent:

  • An adherent of Moqtada al-Sadr says that the Iranians are convinced the British are funding Khuzestani separatists
  • This is part of the secret war against Iran described by Seymour Hersh
  • The separatists are accused of bombings against civilians which in the last two years have killed 28 people and wounded 225
  • “in May this year [there was discovery] of an explosive device in the toilet of an Iranian plane flying out of Ahvaz with 131 people on board which was defused before it blew up”
  • The source said that British computer expert Peter Moore and his four bodyguards were abducted by an Iranian backed group, Asaib al-Haq
  • Minor problem for the British: the US is holding the people that the Iranians want in return for Moore
  • It’s just amazing what American newspapers don’t tell us.

    [Edited slightly for clarity late afternoon, 8/2]

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