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Fred Hiatt, Still A Jerk

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 5, 2009

Mr. Hiatt saw fit to give the WaPo megaphone to John Bolton so Bolton could use it to bash former President Bill Clinton for going to North Korea (calling the trip “unwise”) to free the two journalists who were being held there.

Of course, the fact that President Clinton succeeded brilliantly will not cause Bolton to eat his words, or Hiatt to apologize for publishing them.

2 Responses to “Fred Hiatt, Still A Jerk”

  1. Charles II said

    What’s even more amazing is that they get 665,000 people to pay good money to have their intelligence insulted.

  2. Indeed. I’m half-surprised they didn’t link to Bolton’s interviews with Pam Oshry of Atlas Shrugs infamy.

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