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Now Remember, These People Are Our Moral Superiors

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 5, 2009

Or so they say.

Hop into the wayback machine to 2001 and Bartcop’s documenting Ben Stein’s charming activities:

Truly Tasteless Jokes
from about that super-pig Republican Ben Stein
Even the GOP hates him after his shameless performance.

Even Don Imus can shake his finger at comedian Ben Stein, whose tasteless performance at the
57th annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Thursday night was an unmitigated disaster.
Although Imus took all kinds of heat a few dinners ago for raking then-President Clinton over the coals, at least
some of the radio shock jock’s jokes were funny — and he had the guts to pick on a president right to his face.

Stein, however, somehow thought there was humor in telling a John Hinckley joke — precisely one day before the
20th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. The “joke” consisted of reading a fake letter
(which was, by the way, not even an original fake letter) allegedly from Clinton to Hinckley declaring that the
trigger man in the Reagan shooting was getting a pardon.

It ended with a postscript in which “Clinton” noted that Fox commentator “Bill O’Reilly is dating Jodie Foster.”
It was Hinckley’s obsession with Foster that led to his attempt on Reagan’s life. Joking about an assassination
on the eve of its anniversary — with the victim back home in California suffering from Alzheimer’s disease —
is unbelievable enough. But throw in for good measure the fact that the dinner was held at the very hotel where
Reagan was shot — infamously known as the “Hinckley Hilton” — and the offense seems that much greater.

The rest of Stein’s act consisted of a series of tired old jokes that appeared to be recycled from the Web.
(The weak material may have also been due to the fact that Stein was seen scribbling parts of his speech
shortly before the show.) As the audience grew increasingly restless, Stein cracked that the following evening
he’d be performing for “crippled children,” who would hopefully be kinder to him.
“He told more than enough distasteful jokes about assassins and disabled people,” said one stunned GOP aide.
“He oughta be ashamed of himself.”

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