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Fire Eric Holder

Posted by Charles II on August 6, 2009

From Bradblog:

Feeney Reportedly Off Hook in Abramoff Probe
DoJ said to have dropped two-year investigation into corrupt former Florida Rep’s lobbyist-funded trip to Scotland…

The Holder DoJ is incapable of prosecuting Republicans, but continues to pursue Don Siegelman and Paul Minor.

3 Responses to “Fire Eric Holder”

  1. B. said

    There may be hope for Paul Minor yet. I can’t believe this injustice is still going on!

  2. More from the BradBlog. It sounds like Holder had no choice since this was rigged long before he came on the scene:

    The DoJ’s investigation was stymied earlier this year by an appellate court decision disallowing their subpoena of Feeney’s statements to the U.S. House Ethics Commission on the basis of Constitutional separation of powers. As we noted last month, the friendly Feeney finding was likely to foul the fed’s felony fact-finding against the failed former Florida Congressman.
    The Ethics Commission had, themselves, let Feeney off the hook on the last day in which Republicans controlled the panel before Democrats took over in 2007. He would agree to pay just $5,643 for the private plane trip and swanky vacation with rightwing lobbyists, despite court papers declaring the trip to have been worth approximately $20,000…

    Who did the rigging? Bob Ney hints that Jeb Bush was likely involved.

    • Charles II said

      Separation of powers doesn’t apply if the House allows it. So, this looks like a classic Washington set-up to me. Refuse to do it voluntarily, so DoJ has to file a subpoena, which is denied because Feeney isn’t Congressman Jefferson.

      Now, it may have been Republicans that made it impossible; I don’t know. But I suspect that a House vote could have forced his statement to have been made available to the court voluntarily, so to speak.

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