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Jane Hamsher Needs Your Help

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 6, 2009

Short and not-so-sweet: She’s being punished for being TOO effective:

I mentioned the other day in the comments that we’d been getting a bit of funding from an organization, and that they let us know last Friday night that we’d had our funding cut.  We have been working crazy hours with an intense sense of commitment to put together the calendar of events for the month of August and suddenly had to scramble so people could still be employed come Monday morning.  We would have had a list of searchable events and targeted events up earlier, but we were thrown for a loop at the last minute.

Members of Congress called the organization and told them not to renew our funding because they didn’t like Mike Stark asking them questions on the Hill.  Which we knew. The organization told us, however, that it was because they had “run out of money,” and then today we learned that they’re actually accepting proposals for things similar to what we were doing.

It’s crazy that we were the first organization to get an August events calendar up with a widget that anyone could embed on their site, and we did it in the midst of scant resources and tremendous pressure.  It certainly says something about the way the health care battle is being fought — or not, as the case may be.  But we’ve been the ones collecting information day in and day out, having asked readers here and at Daily Kos to crowd source the information and enter it into our event reporting tool.  We’ve had a small, underpaid staff working until the wee hours of the morning doing rapid response on things like the Pelosi/Polis/DeGette event last night.

As I said the other day, we’ve raised a little over $66,000, both from contributions made by individuals and the funds that came from the organization.  We need to raise $150,000 total to keep everything going through the end of October.     We’ve got an amazing team working on this, including organizers and bloggers and programmers who have been doing a fantastic job.  Mike Stark’s videos have been all over the cable news networks, and so far we’ve managed to get 15 members of Congress to publicly pledge to vote against any health care bill that has co-ops or triggers — something that organizations with $40 million budgets have failed to so. 

It hit me right in my gut on Friday night when I was told that on Monday morning, there would be no more money to pay these people.  We need your help.  

Can you help us get to $150,000 so we can continue our campaign until a health care reform bill is passed?

Compare results: Jane’s spent well under $100,000 and is nearly halfway to the goal of getting forty progressive Democrats to take the pledge not to vote for any health care reform bill that doesn’t have a public option. That’s pretty good bang for the buck — and better than what a lot of groups, which seem to exist to serve as sheltered workshops for the rellies of legislators, have done!

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