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Teabaggers Invade Farmfest — And Flop

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 7, 2009

From the StarTribune:

Farmfest is typically a genial event — a stop elected and aspiring officials consider an easy political must-do.

But at this year’s gathering in rural Redwood Falls, as First District U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., put in an appearance, an audience member declared loudly that plans for national health reform were a “step toward communism.”

Walz, a veteran, shot back: “I didn’t spend 24 years in the military to be called a Communist, I can tell you that.”

Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen, a reporter quite familiar with Farmfest, has a more detailed account, as well as a photo by BSP photographer Eric Adams. Let’s just say that the teabagger’s little stunt was not exactly well received by anyone present.

9 Responses to “Teabaggers Invade Farmfest — And Flop”

  1. MEC said

    I recall that Tim Walz got involved in politics because he was that pissed off at the way a group of teenagers he escorted to a supposedly public Bush appearance got turned away as a security risk because they weren’t loyal Republicans. We need more people like him in Congress, who realize that you can’t appease assholes.

  2. Charles II said

    That’s not Minnesota Nice.

  3. Joseph Francis said

    Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen does NOT have her facts correct. Please see my comments that I left in that link. The woman is not a Republican, not a Teabagger, but someone who had a sales booth at Farmfest, and who grew up within easy bicycling distance of there. As I stated in the link, this is peasant stock defending the homeland. You had better get that straight. Walz came across very badly. Peterson handled himself competently.

  4. Sally Jo Sorensen said

    My photographer’s account of the event stands. For the record, Bluestem Prairie did not call the woman a “teabagger” nor a “Republican.” Phoenix Woman uses the term; that is her right under the Constitution. I did say that her tactics resembled those being used by Republicans elsewhere.

    Perhaps the woman you defend might wish to come forth and speak for herself. She seems perfectly capable of speaking out and could easily clarify her identity and her lack of political or organizational affiliations.

    Since you quarrel with basic facts in your Bluestem comments, they won’t be published. You are not alone in this; a prominent DFLer has posted speculation about the woman that cannot be confirmed. That comment will go unpublished as well.

    To give readers a taste of the problem, I’ll share a bit. You take issue with my use of the word “forum” to describe the event as if I am being intentionally misleading in using that word. Unfortunately for that talking point, sir, Farmfest itself billed the event a “forum.” Perhaps your concerns might best be directed to Farmfest if you believe the farm show’s word choice is so offensive.

    Moreover, you confused my account of what my photographer saw (his vantage point is clear from the photo he took) to somehow be the opinion of Congressman Walz. It is not; Bluestem Prairie is a private, independent New Media site. I simply can’t post comments that unintentionally mislead readers into thinking the site is run by the congressman or into thinking my opinion is his. Neither is true.

    You claim in those comments to have videotape of the interaction, though circumstances prevented you from videotaping the woman’s departure from the tent (you disagree with my description of what Eric Adams saw but apparently lack documentation). I suggest that you take what footage you do have of the interaction between the woman, Walz, and Peterson and post it to YouTube. Joe Francis can certainly make a name for himself as a videographer if the footage is what you say it is.

  5. I stand with Sally here. If the woman is who you say she is, Joseph Francis, have her step forward. Though I never actually called her one, it would be a refreshing change if she wasn’t a Republican operative. Consider the case of Heather Blish:

    Here’s a fun example of astroturfing in its purest form: A woman attending a town hall event for Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI), and–while loudly raising objections to the Democrats’ health care reform proposal–insisting she’s just a regular concerned citizen. Except, she’s actually a GOP official.

    Heather Blish was vice-chairman of the Kewaunee County GOP until 2008, and, according to her own resume, is affiliated with the Republican National Committee.

  6. Sally Jo Sorensen said

    I’ll be proposing a potential forum for discussing health care reform. As Bob Meeks suggested, let the League of Women Voters setup and moderate Town Hall Meetings. Additionally, I think that the Mayo Clinic could take a hand in moderating the meetings. Then, let the woman from Farmfest ask the first question in the Forum in her congressional district.

    • Indeed. And why do I have the feeling that we won’t be hearing from either her or “Joseph Francis” again, much less see the video footage he claims to have taken of the event?

  7. Joseph Francis said

    I have it on videotape.

    • Charles II said

      Joseph, why don’t you put up the video?

      You were there, you saw one thing. Other people were there, and saw another. You can be constructive and make your evidence available to all. Or you can continue to make assertions backed up by nothing but your good name, whoever you are.

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