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Dick Armey, Teabagger Puppetmaster

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 9, 2009

Thought you all might be interested in hearing a little about the background of FreedomWorks’ Dick Armey, one of the people pulling the strings of the tea party persons currently being bused in en masse to town halls nationwide to lie about health care reform:

According to Susan White, a graduate student at [North Texas University, where Dick Armey was a professor in the economics department] in the mid-1970s, Armey often flirted with undergraduate women before and after class. Two other economics graduate students, one an economics professor and the other an economist for the New Mexico legislature, confirm her statements. Armey’s advances were strong enough that they caused one graduate student, Anna Weninger, to leave the university. She stated that his behavior was inappropriate, but could not remember the details of what Armey said/did. Her story is confirmed by two other sources: her mother, who said her daughter left school because of problems with a Professor Armey (and almost didn’t go back), and Professor Cochran of the economics department. Cochran, then chairman of the department, told the Dallas Observer that he was approached by another professor who stated Weninger had left due to Armey. Cochran called Weninger and persuaded her to return to the university after he promised to personally supervise her master’s thesis, which would reduce any pressure she felt studying under Armey. Weineger agreed and returned, graduating with her masters in 1979.

Now remember, this is the same guy who famously said, after Paula Jones’ nuisance lawsuit against President Bill Clinton was thrown out for lack of any sort of credible evidence (it didn’t help that Ms. Jones kept changing her story as key parts of it were debunked), that “If it were me that had documented personal conduct along the lines of the President’s, I would be so filled with shame that I would resign. This President won’t do that. His basic credo in life is ‘I will do whatever I can get away with’. I believe that he is a shameless person”.

Okay, Dick: You were accused. Why didn’t you resign?

10 Responses to “Dick Armey, Teabagger Puppetmaster”

  1. Doran said

    It was also Dick Armey-before-he-dicks-you who, while a member of Congress, made a faux mistake and referred to Congressman Barney Frank as “Barney Fag.” Nice guy, Armey. Just exactly the kind of creep the teabaggers need, want, adore, and deserve.

  2. Stormcrow said

    Okay, Dick: You were accused. Why didn’t you resign?

    Perhaps because he is a classic example of one of Altemeyer’s SDO sociopaths?

    Just like virtually everyone in a leadership position in the Republican Party. Their RWA base eats up this sort of behavior for a treat. They have been doing this for centuries.

  3. omen said

    if only media would expose the part dick armey played in deregulation that’s responsible for today’s bad economy.

    that reminds me, i need to write a letter to the editor.

    • Stormcrow said

      This is a nice idea, but it won’t reach the people it needs to, because it won’t get through to Armey’s base. They’d give him a pass if he cooked and ate a six month old baby on national TV.

  4. supergee said

    Dick Armey’s dick army.

  5. jo6pac said

    Okay, Dick: You were accused. Why didn’t you resign?

    Why isn’t he in Jail?

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