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Attn: Jo6Pac

Posted by Charles II on August 14, 2009

The gentleman you inquired after, LB, has been gracious enough to write me to let me know that he left off blogging after taking a day job inconsistent with the liberties of blogging. He plans to return to blogging when leisure and discretion permit.

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And just to prove that Honduras doesn’t have a monopoly on bad behavior

Posted by Charles II on August 14, 2009

Tiempo reports that two dozen Venezuelan journalists were beaten and jailed.

Image from Tiempo of beaten Venezuelan journalist

But unlike in Honduras, it seems to be teenagers or very young adults doing the beating, not government forces. And according to TeleSur the government has forcefully rejected the attack on the journalists and will prosecute the assailants.

Image from Tiempo

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 22

Posted by Charles II on August 14, 2009

Update: Thanks to the good work of many others, I feel that I can go to bed believing that the people of Honduras have not been forgotten. Machetera donated a translation of a Dick Emanuelsson piece on the murder of Pedro Magdiel by Honduran forces that makes it clear he was killed while in police custody.

RAJ has been on a tear lately, doing all kinds of great translations.
* Article 239 does not legitimate Zelaya’s removal
* Unified messaging (aka Republican talking points for coupistas)
* Judge nullifies university arrests
* Radio Progreso reporter missing in demonstration in Choloma

A man wounded in police violence at Choloma. Image from Tiempo. (Image from Tiempo)

Honduras Oye has two articles of interest:
* Cuba Medical School Students Visiting Honduras Attacked by Golpista Forces
* A Dick Emanuelsson report, originally on IRC Online, translated by Laura Carlssen Excerpts:
— “The burning of the bus and of Popeye’s (on Tuesday) was the work of police infiltrators. It’s hard to prevent this in a mobilization of 30,000 people,” (quote from Israel Salinas of the United Confederation of Honduran workers)
— “unknown persons aboard a cream-colored Toyota Turismo with the license plate PCA1981 opened fire at the Via Campesina office in Honduras, run by Rafael Alegria.” (according to a communique from Via Campesina)
— “A taxi driver reported to Radio Globo that he saw the army take 30 people …to the First Infantry Battalion on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa”
— “Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola Union Headquarters Surrounded by Military Forces”
— “The Kafis, the Canahuatis, the Facusses, the Naars, the Vasquez Velasquez—they have control of a country, an army, the police, and they are planning the death of popular leaders, of human rights leaders, and along with the Attorney General’s Office they are preparing arrest orders to put in prison the ones they don’t assassinate. There they have hired hit men to provoke a prison riot and murder whoever is taken to the detention centers.” (quote from Andres Pavon of CODEH)

Nell has a brief rundown of the election situation, plus a suggestion for a spot of (entirely legal) civil disobedience.

The marchers have taken what seems to me a good tactic for non-violent resistance, of marching through residential areas. A lot of Honduras’s problems have to do with the separation of rich and poor. The wealthy have told themselves that the Zelayists are few in number. There’s nothing like having 30,000 (my wild guess) people march by your front door to dispel that notion. And marching on government buildings may pressure government officials, but it doesn’t pressure the people who are passive collaborators of the regime.
Al Giordano and Bill Conroy report that millions of dollars from Millenium Challenge Corp., headed by Hillary Clinton, are flowing to a company owned by ex-vice president and current Liberal Party presidential candidate Elvin Santos. This money has flowed after the coup, indeed, seems to be increasing. Another angle to the coup is that it stopped moves toward self-sufficiency provided by ALBA.

Thanks to Nell and RAJ for providing a link to and valuable conversation about the, um, report by the Republican delegation (of two) led by Connie Mack. As RAJ says, the report deserves to be read in full, but certain points deserve to be highlighted and memorized:

During the luncheon, Ambassador Llorens emphasized that what had occurred on June 28, 2009, was a coup.

There is not even the proverbial fig leaf for the State Department to hide behind if the Ambassador is taking pains to point out that it is a coup. The State Department is breaking the law by failing to suspend aid.

Much more below the jump.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on August 14, 2009



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Know Your Enemy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 14, 2009

Courtesy of Air America:

Three years ago, a group of corporate advertisers informed ABC that they didn’t want their commercials run during Air America programming. Media Matters reports that those companies will run ads during conservative shows.

In 2009, General Electric, Farmer’s Insurance and Office Depot have financially supported Glenn Beck’s racism and threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the radio; Bayer, Chattem Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth have given Lou Dobbs money to continue his radio-based support for the Birther conspiracy theorists and his portrayal of the current Administration as alternately Socialist, Fascist and Communist; and Home Depot, JC Penney’s and Office Depot are helping provide Rush Limbaugh promote his racist, divisive commentary on a daily basis.

That doesn’t even include the companies that advertise during Glenn Beck’s or Lou Dobbs’ television shows, which additionally includes the likes of Bayer, Wal-Mart and Nestlé.

While advertising is supposedly just a way to convince consumers to purchase products, these corporations’ histories of political contributions and advocacy–in addition to their stated preferences to have their products associated with Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh rather than Rachel Maddow or Ron Reagan–reflects less a clear-eyed view of consumer preferences than it does support for conservatives and conservative causes.

Take General Electric, a supporter of both Glenn Beck’s radio and television programming. In the 2006 election cycle, when they first blacklisted Air America’s programming, their PAC’s political contributions were two-thirds in favor of Republicans. In 2008, after the takeover of the House by Democrats and while Barack Obama’s win was clearly telegraphed, GE continued to favor Republicans with contributions disproportionate to their power in Washington, giving them 48 percent of the PAC’s donations. Only now that GE has nowhere else to turn, their donations for the 2010 election cycle are going two-thirds of the time to Democrats. To the victors go the spoils, I guess–as long as they can spend at least an equal amount of money supporting media programming intended to derail the agenda.

Zurich Insurance, the parent company of Farmers (another tried-and-true Beck sponsor), works much the same way. In 2006, 71 percent of their PAC’s donations went to Republican candidates; 53 percent went to Republicans in 2008; and, apparently disheartened by the last election, they haven’t yet given a dime for 2010. Office Depot–which supports both Beck’s and Limbuagh’s radio programs–doesn’t apparently have a PAC, but their CEO Steve Odland gave the maximum contribution to Mitt Romney last year.

While most corporate PACs, including Wal-Mart, Bayer and Wyeth, have eased off on their contributions to Republican candidates since the Democratic resurgence 2006, Limbaugh supporters Home Depot and JC Penney have not. In 2006, their PACs gave 71 and 85 percent of their contributions, respectively, to Republicans, despite Democratic control of both Houses of Congress and the White House, their PACs have, to date, given 51 and 100 percent of their contributions of Republicans for the 2010 election cycle.

You know what to do, folks.

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