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Debunking The ‘Bigger Is Better’ Myth

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 15, 2009

The real key to safety on the road is how you drive, not what you drive — and surprise, surprise: SUV drivers tend to drive more aggressively and stupidly than, say, persons in minivans.

3 Responses to “Debunking The ‘Bigger Is Better’ Myth”

  1. Stormcrow said

    This is precisely what brought SUVs above my own personal radar horizon, about 12 years ago.

    The drivers tended to act like arrogant assholes. In heavy Metro Seattle traffic.

    • And the irony is that you can usually spot the people who really do go off-road in their vehicles, because they don’t usually drive like assholes. Most SUVs are used in urban or suburban applications for which minivans or — oh, the gonad-shrinking horror — station wagons are better suited.

      • Stormcrow said

        Damn right.

        Anybody with a working pair of eyes can spot which SUVs have been driven off-road, and which haven’t.

        The ones that have, have stains from soil and road dust. Even frequent car washes won’t keep this off if the SUV is used to commute over an unimproved road, because the exposure is constant.

        The ones that haven’t are squeaky clean.

        Guess the proportions of each, in Seattle traffic?

        Yeah, that was an easy one, wan’t it?

        More than 90% of these rolling turds have never ventured off of blacktop.

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