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New Local News Link

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 20, 2009

Mercury Rising welcomes the Anoka County Eagle to our sidebar. Homebrew journalism!

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Honduras coup, Act III, Day 28

Posted by Charles II on August 20, 2009

Update: Adrienne Pine translated a report by Oscar which says

Currently there are more people resisting the coup than all the combined votes for Mel Zelaya in the previous elections. This shows that more than wanting the return of this tragic administration, we want a true democracy and things cannot continue as they are.

I am not sure that is numerically accurate, but it’s possible and, if so, interesting.

RAJ has an article about a call by José Alfredo Saavedra of the coupista government to have a truth commission as a means of re-writing history. These guys are going to give truth a bad name. By the way, if anyone tries to claim that the congress has not been discussing obligatory military service, point them here. A second article by RAJ has to do with the sudden concern the Congress has over making sure that people vote. Whether they want to or not. After all, if people boycott the election in large enough numbers, it might be harder to cook the vote. These are great contributions and should be read.

Robert Naiman has a diary at DK, as does Grassroots International. . Nothing earthshaking, but reassuring to see even limited interest continuing this deep into the coup.

Via commenter leftside at Boz Greg Weeks (via Nell; thanks!), a CRS report on Honduras that also bears on cooperation under Zelaya on stopping narcotrafficking:

The U.S. State Department’s 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report acknowledges the government of Honduras for its ongoing cooperation with the United States on counternarcotics efforts, noting that successful joint operations led to an increase in narcotics arrests and seizures. In 2008, the government of Honduras seized 6.5 metric tons of cocaine, 2 kilograms of crack cocaine, 19.6 kilograms of heroin, 3 metric tons of marijuana, 3.5 million pseudoephedrine pills, and over five tons of precursor chemicals. These seizures also led to 721 arrests and the confiscation of $6.7 million in assets. The United States has supported a variety of anticorruption, police training, and maritime operations programs intended to improve Honduras’ counternarcotics capabilities.

DemocracyNow has a segment on DemocracyNow, interviewing Amnesty International’s Esther Major, and Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva.

Adrienne Pine has the audio of the woman whose testimony about her rape was played on Radio Globo yesterday (it was apparently originally broadcast on Radio Progreso). Adrienne also has a report from Oscar about the CIDH (human rights) interviews. Among the interesting features:

  • right wingers aggressively claimed that their human rights were being violated
  • the Supreme Court’s injunction to lay off certain people, notably journalists, has been used by the police to target its members for beatings
  • Musicians refused to play for play-minister of Culture, Mirna Castro, leading to much pearl-clutching on her part
  • RAJ has a translation of a long piece by Rodolfo Pastor Faquelle that appeared on TeleSur. I confess that many of its allusions and poetic language elude me. But he did say this, which interested me:

    I understand that they have serious fiscal difficulties and perhaps the resources to maintain the current State apparatus for less than one month. But they have the option of a radical cut, with excuses. The Interamerican right is moving with energy to obtain oxygen for them, at least even space to manoeuvre. The business people will continue firm as long as the freeze doesn’t affect their commerce and their earnings. Meanwhile, they continue to have more to lose with a return.

    Micheletti has received the report on the Congress on responding to the, um, Accord of San Jose and is now stalling further by distributing it to the various organs of the state for their collegial review, says Tiempo On the very day that a general strike is to begin, play-Minister of Education Gabriela Nunez has returned from London and ordered that the teachers be paid, again from Tiempo Two sailors have been subpoenaed for human rights violations.

    HCVAnalysis has a protest diary from Alexy Lanza of La Voz de los de Abajo which appeared on Honduras Resists.

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