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Honduras coup, Act III, Day 30

Posted by Charles II on August 22, 2009

Update: According to TeleSur,The Friedrich-Naumann Foundation in Germany, which promotes “free market principles,” has come under fire for providing help to the coupistas.

According to Sergio Rivera, director of one the teachers’ movements and one of the resistance leaders, the resistance is not satisfied with the CIDH report. The Commission did its work quickly, leaving thousands of cases of human rights violations undocumented, including four cases of people who were disappeared between Alauca and the border post at Las Manos.

There will be a concert on Sunday against the coup.
Fifty five days of resistance: the march yesterday was not marked by any violence

Here’s the official scoreboard, according to the CIDH:

  • Four deaths and a number of wounded from firearms wielded by agents of the State [no mention of murders without firearms that look like death squad activity]
  • 3,500-4,000 arbitrarily detained
  • 4,000-5,000 denied free movement by military roadblocks, without access to food and water, and harassed by tear gas
  • Detained people were injured by bullets, police batons, and other implements of rubber, iron, or wood.
  • Information was controlled through temporary closure of media, by military occupation, and by energy cuts.
  • There were aggressions and threats against journalists
  • Childhood education was affected by the teachers’ strike
  • At least one woman was raped.
  • Judges seeking to enforce habeas were threatened and abused.
  • Police official Daniel Orellana denied that the police committed any violations of human rights.

    By the way, these official scorecards, as I call them, are important because they allow one to write letters to officials citing specific figures. As long as quasi-official sources like the New York Times claim that only two people have died (and don’t mention the many wounded, detained, and abused), it sounds like nothing is happening in Honduras.

    Spain evicted the Honduran ambassador on Zelaya’s request. The Argentine delegation in Tegicigalpa barricaded themselves inside the embassy.

    RAJ reports on the Honduran regime’s attempt to dismiss the Director of the Anthropology and History Institute, Darío Euraque, which Euraque will fight in court. The point is that the coup is energetically replacing independent scholars with cronies, compounding the individual injustices by corrupting the integrity of Honduran intellectual life. All genuine scholars must resist this in solidarity.

    HCVAnalysis at Honduras Oye reposts a piece by Margaret Thompson of FIRE that appeared on Honduras Solidarity. Here’s an excerpt:

    Women’s and human rights groups are receiving reports of escalating sexual aggression against women both in the demonstrations and in detentions, ranging from verbal obscenities and threats, to women being grabbed or beaten with batons on their buttocks, to torture and rape in detentions, noted Adela Coria of the Center for Women’s Studies (CEM). In today’s Forum in Tegucigalpa, Yadida Minero reported that she had just taken a young woman to a radio station to denounce her torture and rape with a rifle while in detention at a police station.

    HCVAnalysis also links an article that claims that the National Front Against the Coup wants to file a case in the International Criminal Court, claiming Micheletti is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide. They’re hoping to persuade the Spanish judge who ordered the arrest of Pinochet, Baltasar Garzón, to support the effort. That blog, The Falcon’s Glance has a lot of interesting stuff,notably a piece analyzing how La Prensa, using material plagiarized from other newspapers and re-contextualized into a completely alien context, is spinning a tale of Hugo Chavez stormtroopers creating an atmosphere of terror.

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    The Crime Of Being Right

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 22, 2009

    Howard Dean and the DFHs: Right about Iraq, right about Bush’s use of the Department of Homeland Security’s terror alert system for political gain — as even Tom Ridge now finally admits.

    Which is, of course, what Bush-loving Villagers like Marc Ambinder can never, ever forgive.

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