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The Crime Of Being Right

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 22, 2009

Howard Dean and the DFHs: Right about Iraq, right about Bush’s use of the Department of Homeland Security’s terror alert system for political gain — as even Tom Ridge now finally admits.

Which is, of course, what Bush-loving Villagers like Marc Ambinder can never, ever forgive.

3 Responses to “The Crime Of Being Right”

  1. Charles II said

    Unfortunately, Ridge did not give a full confession, and Fran Townsend was there to argue that he was just imagining things. So the frame on this story has gotten knocked askew. It should not be, “Were the terror alerts being manipulated?”, which may not be answered definitively for some time. It should be, “Was it reasonable to believe that terror alerts were being manipulated, and were people who believed that they were manipulated therefore slandered over what was in fact a reasonable belief?”

    I think that’s true of a lot of so-called “conspiracy theories.” I do not believe that Bush blew up the Twin Towers. However, I don’t think that people who believe he did are necessarily crazy (many of them are obsessive and boring). There’s just not enough evidence to disprove the belief. Were terror alerts manipulated? We may never know for certain. Corporate players like Rumsfeld are far too clever to leave tracks. What we do know for certain is that it was entirely reasonable to believe they were being manipulated.

    • Go read the story at the link (and the Glenn Greenwald story cited). Ridge is telling the truth. In fact, he’d actually ‘fessed up to it some time ago, IIRC.

      As for 9/11, I think that the truth is worse than what the conspiracists allege. Simply put, Bush and his cronies couldn’t be bothered to actually deal with the basic day-to-day things a modern president must handle, and 9/11 was the first and most blatant result of this criminal maladministration. However, the same media that covered for him during his campaign — and invented and promoted lies about Al Gore — covered for him in the immediate aftermath and gave him far more leeway than they would have given a President Gore (and far more than they actually gave President Clinton in the wake of Oklahoma City).

      • Charles II said

        Oh, I read the Greenwald link, PW. Read this post. Ridge wrote that he suspected that there was an attempt to manipulate the alerts for political purposes, but that he refused to go along. And Fran Townsend contradicted him.

        Of course I think the alerts were being manipulated for political purposes. But if someone wants to think that the case is still open, I wouldn’t call them a conspiracy theorist.

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