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Could This Be Why Dick Armey’s Suddenly Made Himself Scarce?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 23, 2009

Readers may recall that Dick Armey and his pharmaceutical-industry astroturfing outfit FreedomWorks have been at the forefront of the efforts to shut down the Democratic town halls held during the Congressional recess this month. But late last week, in what was seen as an apparent effort to remove himself as a polarizing figure for observers who noted his role in orchestrating the attacks on the town halls, he abruptly resigned from DLA Piper, a DC-based law and lobbying firm.

The timing is rather interesting, as two days ago Horace M. Cooper, who was one of Armey’s key staffers during his time as House Majority Leader, was indicted for his alleged part in the huge and ever-growing Abramoff scandal.

Now, the GOP/Media Complex’s members can be by and large trusted not to interrupt any TV appearances by Dick Armey with embarrassing questions about Jack Abramoff, but I still somehow doubt we’ll be seeing him on anything other than perhaps FOX News for the foreseeable future.

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